Poll: Is a knife part of your EDC?
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Is a knife part of your EDC?
I have a little CRKT PECK knife as a money clip in the left pants pocket and always have a 3" folder of some variety in the right pants pocket
I carry 2 knives every day. A CRKT and an Emerson CQC8.
Leatherman's Skeletool CX has saved my butt more times than I can remember. Best pocket knife/multi tool I've carried. Small, lightweight, good steel, and only the basic tools I use often.

I like the Kershaw I carry, but it bit me!!
Put a tiny ding in the blade where it stuck in the bone on my finger.
Of course it is. It's Gibb's rule #9.

Currently a CRKT Ignitor T.
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-Samuel Adams
Always have my trusty old Case Sod Buster Jr. but usually carry two the other being either my Buck folding hunter or my Buck Vangard fixed blade. The Sod buster lives in my right pants pocket, the Bucks either in my right back pocket or right behind my holster on the right side. Most recently I have been drooling over the Benchmade Barrage but that CRKT Ignitor T Teufelhund carries has got me leaning that direction. I hope they are out of them when I swing by Sportsman's Warehouse to pick up primers tomorrow so I'm not tempted. Spend
Well they weren't out of stock so change my answer to "CRKT Ignitor T". Rolleyesedit
I keep my folding kabar strapped on my right front and a little 1 1/2 inch folding blade in the little pocket above my right front jean pocket.
I always have my Spyderco Centofante in VG-10 great knife I used to carry my Spyderco Lum Claud Chinese folder. I love Spyderco knives and I always go to their headquarters in Golden you can get your spidies sharpened there for free as well!
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I have now switched to S&W fixed blade
Where can you carry? Check the editable COGO Carry Map
When in doubt. JFC.

I carry a Boker Magnum. Got from Jensen arms in Loveland for like 30ish dollars?

Saw this thread from the bump the other day and got to thinking...I really don't have a good knife to speak of. This doesn't mean I don't have any, just that I don't have a high end one.

I know next to nothing about knives, so could someone give me a quick primer and suggest a good starting one for my BOB?

Here's prolly the only one worth much of anything in my camping kit:

[Image: dare8a3a.jpg]
Jason Anderson
NRA Instructor
Firearms enthusiast
I've Always carried a knife.
When I was young it was a big single blade.
Then in about my mid 20s my brother gave me a Victornox swiss army knife and I have carried one of those ever since.
Not one with 75 different tools but one of the more basic models say 7 to 10 tools.
Would my Leatherman count?
Jason Anderson
NRA Instructor
Firearms enthusiast
DGCJason i would suggest boker knives. They are reasonable and everyone i have had has stand up to quite a bit. I also had a Gerber but it was a little less in the quality department. Still can be good knives.
I have a Benchmade Barrage, it's usually with me, even in the office. I might be able to use it to fight my way out to the parking lot where I have to leave the gun while at work. More likely the BG would take it away and shove it up my @$$ sideways.
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I'm joining in as a new member and a future repatriation to the highlands. I'm curious to know if you can register automatic knives for ownership and carry them on hiking/camping/fishing outings into the high country our outback??? I'm aware that these are illegal for carrying in public open or concealed but wondered about the "sporting" use of such knives as I hate to give mine up.
I alternate between most used to least; Benchmade Pardue, Benchmade CQC, Al Mar SERE 2000 auto and Sog Flash. I haven't relocated to Colorado as of yet and don't want to give away my auto like I did my last Benchmade to a LEO as a gesture of gratitude who bailed me out once.

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