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The site has a few issues after implementing the new theme. There have also been some spammers lately. I think the latter has been taken care of. At least until the next one manages to get in. Anyhow, there have been some complaints about these issues. Along with statements such as "I'm ready to leave this forum altogether.".

If you're one of these people please don't make threats, just leave. You are not required to be here. It's not your time and money spent trying to build an enjoyable community for Colorado enthusiasts. Yes, there are issues. Yes, sometimes it takes me a while to get these issues fixed. As much as I would like to be able to spend 24 hours a day on this site and hire developers to fix every little issue I can't do that.

So if you find a problem please let me know about it. I will do everything I can to correct it. If I can't get it corrected fast enough to your liking, sorry. If said issue makes it so unbearable that you can't continue to be a contributing member, sorry to see you go. But, bye.

FINE IM DONE!!!! LOL Just kiddin LJ. I agree and well said!! And thank you for the time you do spend making this site for us!!
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I've never understood when people make demands on the administrator(s) of a FREE online forum and threaten not being back if the demands are not met. I've had several discussion with LJ about many different things, and I can tell you that while he doesn't have the time to be here multiple hours every day, he does take the site seriously and does everything he can to make it the best site he can. If anyone has a suggestion of something that can improve the site, he will listen to what they say and do the best he can to make it happen if it is reasonable and will genuinely help improve the experience of people visiting the site. One example of this is the suggestion that was made to make the site accessible with Tapatalk. Once the software for the forum was upgraded, LJ checked out what was involved in getting the site accessible via Tapatalk and made it happen. The forum is not a full-time job for him (he already has one), but he does do what he can for it. I'm guessing that these demands have gotten really bad for him to make the above post telling people that if they don't like the site or what it does/doesn't do to go ahead and leave, as I know from talking to him that the site means a lot to him and he values the members here. Come on people!!! Make suggestions, but realize that he doesn't have a magic wand to wave and magically make things happen. If it is that important to you to have something here on the forum that you would threaten to leave if it doesn't happen, find a way to help make it happen. Offer assistance in the manner of how to get something to happen, or if there is a cost associated with it help support the site by making a donation to it, but keep in mind that it may still take time to make it happen as well - if it is determined that your request is going to be met.

LJ - Thanks for what you do for the site and YOUR time that you have chosen to spend providing the site for us! I agree with K.J.O. - well said!!!
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Thanks K.J.O. and alang. I appreciate the support.

My mini rant was not meant to steer people away from making suggestions or reporting issues. I just ask for some understanding and patience as this site grows.
I have no complaints, I was just hoping to get the winning lottery numbers, but that didn't happen :(
Got a wife and kids in Baltimore jack, i went out for a ride and never went back. BS

Don't worry, I got them. Soon as I cash in I'll hire the developers to get those issues fixed.
Lol, ohio lottery!
Got a wife and kids in Baltimore jack, i went out for a ride and never went back. BS


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