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Hunter's Education w/ an unethical Instructor
First of all, I wasn't sure if this should go here or in the Hunting section, so I just picked one. I'm sure the mods will move it if it matters. Secondly, this **** is long, because it is a freaking rant. Just fair warning.

So I sat down at Gander Mountain tonight for the first night of a Hunter's Education course. It was a pretty big class - about 50 people, including several teenagers and some younger children.

The instructor showed some of the required videos of hunters acting irresponsibly and we talked about ethics a little bit as well. In between videos he would stand in front of the class and talk about different laws and regulations, but he skipped around between different topics and made it pretty hard to follow.

Then he passed out the "dilemma" cards - laminated cards, each with a scenario written on them that one may encounter while hunting or fishing, along with options to choose how to react to the scenario. Each row in the class got one, decided what option to pick (as a group), then we went around and read the scenario and our chosen option to the entire class. This is where I ran into trouble. Our hypothetical scenario was this:

You are hunting on public land and shoot a big bull elk. The elk jumps a fence into private property (on which you do not have permission to hunt, nor enter), runs 100 yards and dies. Do you:
1. Jump the fence, dress the elk, drag him back to public land and tag it;
2. Call the DOW and get them to come help you retrieve the elk (via the landowner's permission);
. . . and a couple other options that really weren't relevant.

My group announced that option 2 would be the best. The Instructor then rambled for a while about how the DOW would most likely be closed even if you could find the number and had a phone, or maybe you could contact the sheriff who could radio a warden to come help (I like this option), but all the while this meat is spoiling while you're waiting for the warden to show up. He then proceeds to talk about if you get caught on private land without permission, they'll deduct 20 points from your license (which results in the DOW yanking your license for up to LIFE), and could even result in a civil suit by the landowner. After all that, he states that option 1 is what he would do to keep the meat from spoiling. I couldn't believe it, so I called him out on it and stated the risks of the two options very concisely to see if he would change his story, but he argued with me about it instead. I just gave up and bit my tongue, after all, I assume this guy decides if I get my certificate or not.

EDIT: (like this crap needed to be longer) I forgot to mention that in his argument he described making a note in his cell phone that he's about to jump the fence to get his kill (I think this is what he believes would amount to a positive defense), then leave the phone and HIS FIREARM on the public side while he went to dress the elk. I almost bit my tongue in half. (/EDIT)

There was another scenario about fishing in which you already have your possession limit, but continue fishing anyway (not sure why). The group that had that one said you need to stop fishing, because you already have your limit. The instructor contended that what HE would do is have fish for lunch and keep fishing. He also talked a little about throwing some in the freezer if you're close to your property, because after all, they can't come in and search your freezer without probable cause. He rambled on about probable cause for a while after that.

WTF is wrong with this guy? Why is he teaching potentially inexperienced hunters unethical practices like how to defeat bag limits, and that spoiled game is more important than losing your hunting license for life along with legal and financial implications?

I'm going to sit in the back row tomorrow and study my book while he spits out this valueless crap. I shudder to think what kind of trash he is going to start teaching these kids when we get to the topic of firearm safety, and I wonder whether I will actually be able to keep my mouth shut if he says something blatantly wrong. Once I get my certificate, what should I do here? I feel like I have a responsibility to report what he is teaching to keep him from continuing to do so.
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Sounds like a good place to complain to management, maybe the BBB, DOW/whoever accredits the class and lets him be an instructor, etc. Maybe without even confronting him. Get a DOW officer to sit in on a class, out of uniform, and let them see for themselves.

Or maybe he's been given that script by the DOW to get people to violate more laws, to pad statistics, so they can ban the whole thing. DOW's own Fast and Furious.
What a tard. I would definately complain on him.
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When in doubt. JFC.

Call the DOW anonymously, tell them the general situation, and based off their reaction determine if you would like to give them specifics as to who the instructor is, time of class, etc. Ask to speak to someone that is in charge of the Hunters Education program if you decide to call. Additionally, I believe that all of the H.E. instructors are certified by the NRA to teach the course. It may be worth calling them as well if the DOW doesn't want to address the situation.
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