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Classifieds read only for everyone?
May I suggest that the classifieds section be readable by everyone but writable only by supporters or people with > 50 posts (or whatever the number is)?

This way only supporters and contributors can advertise, but to a much larger audience. This will make the classifieds section much more desirable and will encourage people to support or contribute to this site.

I think that's a good suggestion. Otherwise, you'll have people with a low number of posts (like me) blathering on in every thread, more concerned about increasing their post count than about having something useful to say.
I understand both sides of this:

1) Requiring a minimum post count deters people from signing up to just get to the classified section and encourages them to contribute to the site. Also, it gives at least a minimal idea of who someone is, providing some insight to others as to whether or not they want to deal with the person.

2) By not having a minimum post count to view the classifieds, more people would have access to potentially purchase or trade for an item a member that has full access to them has posted. The wider exposure could make the difference between an item selling/being traded or not.

There is a way around the minimum post count and that would be to become a site supporter. For a minimal amount, you would get access to the classifieds and other features of the site. From what I can tell, Lead Junkie wants the site to be geared more towards discussions regarding firearms and all of the issues related to them as opposed to a place where people go to sell, buy, and trade things with the ability to do those items being a "perk" for the people that contribute to the site either through their posts or monetarily to help keep the site running.
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They do this exact thing on another gun forum I belong to and their wording is"50 quality posts" and the moderators will remove things like one word posts or nice gun,I agree,way cool man,etc.

Of course this takes some time on the part of the moderators and I'm not sure how effective it is as I still see complaints about unscrupulous dealings in the classifieds from people with far more than 50 posts.

I'm not really on either side just my 2 cents
Classifieds are now open to all. This is a trial deal. We'll see how it goes.


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