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Pace bead lanyard
Not an original idea, but I thought I'd share for those that haven't seen it before. I won't lie, it took some practice, but there's some zen to be found in tying knots.

[Image: IMG_0148.jpg]
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-Samuel Adams
I'll say it - nice work man! That is not as easy as it looks.

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It is nice work. In my Navy days I used to tie knots on my off time when out to sea as a way to kill time and relax.

Since then all I've done is make a para cord bracelet a couple years ago.
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When in doubt. JFC.

Just joking around Beau, that's my brother. I was Navy as well and spent a lot of time tying mats, lanyards and even a couple of hammocks from orange shot cord (not the mats of course). Just dug out my old Ashley Book of Knots a couple days ago to tie a few different paracord zipper pulls for my range bags.

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