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Need NFA Trust Advice
I'm looking to set up an NFA trust pretty soon and I was wondering if anyone knows a good lawyer to go through and the approximate cost.

I'm currently in Jefferson County if that helps with recommendations.
why are you choosing trust vs LLC?
I have no idea. What's the difference?

I've always heard of it referred to as an "NFA Trust."
for the most part i think its just preferance, the people that i know that have NFA stuff have an LLC's. From what I understand in the long run they will cost the same...the trust all up front and the LLC 10-20 dollars a year
very informative post ,thanks for sharing
BREAKING: ATF Guts NFA Trusts, Wants to Require CLEO Sign-off For Every Person Listed on Trust

One of the greatest fears politicians have is seeing an angry guy with lots of guns charging down the street, because they know he’s probably on his way to commit an act of voting.

I went through

they set me up with a local lawyer who I actually think is in Golden.

kinda pricey, but I was happy with the level of service.

Understand though that under Colorado law, every member of the trust within the state of CO must go through a background check for each firearm added to the trust, and it is too late to assign your high capacity magazines to the trust.
Free Conceal Classes in Colorado
NRA Certified Instructors
Wonder if you can form an out of State trust and transfer ownership from an individual to the trust in another State?

I love thinking up this kinda crap. Too much fun.
A few local gun stores offer seminars on gun trusts. Here's two, there surely are others.

Centennial Gun Club Gun Trust seminar

Blucore Gun Trust seminar
from what I understand My trust that was set up in AZ will be respected in Co so i wont have to get another one...a trust should only cost max 120 if you get it from some one that does trusts if you have a lawyer already doing something else for you you may be able to have them draft it up for a bit cheaper

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