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One Teller County Resident finally sees the light...
I was checking out the online version of my hometown newspaper and the headline "Conceal Carry -- stepping up to duty" sure caught my eye.

The article is an opinion piece about what sounds like someone who finally realized that the only person responsible for his safety is himself.

It doesn't mention open carry whatsoever and I was unable to signup to comment on OC but at least it's a start....not that many people in Teller County aren't well armed already. (I read somewhere that 50% of residents said they are gun owners but the sheriff personally thought it was more like 75%...and no I don't have a cite for that, just something I read once)

Read it HERE.
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Interesting read. Only one thing bothers me. He established a sense of elitism for those that carry.
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When in doubt. JFC.

To Curt Grina:

Congratulations Curt, for 'refusing to become a victim'. By just getting your Concealed Handgun Permit & carrying, you are making your community, Colorado and our country a little bit safer.

I agree with ALMOST every thing you have expressed but you sort of inferred that you might be taking a more active roll in the protection of your community; I would caution against this.

That handgun you are carrying should be a "Last Resort" for the protection of you, your loved ones and those who might be with you when you are attacked. I would caution you against getting involved in situations which do not directly involve you.

I say this because in these 'indirect' situations, you do not have all the facts. Unless you have been on the scene from the beginning and have witnessed everything which has taken place, you risk making a wrong decision. Your job as an armed citizen is to get you and everyone else to safety.

When I took my concealed course 4 years ago, my class was advised by our instructor (a police sergeant) to do what I just described.

Sure, if you are in a shopping mall and you see some 'crazy' walking through the concourse screaming & shooting up the place AND IF you can take action to end the situation quickly (and safely for yourself & others) then by all means...

Of course, every situation is different and you must use your best judgment and act quickly, but "confrontational avoidance" should always be your first option.

Once again, congratulations on obtaining your permit.

Thank you & be safe.


PS Just getting your CHP isn't 'the end', it is just 'the beginning'. I would urge you to take all the additional training available and practice as often as you can. You will develop expertise, confidence and condition your muscle memory so that if that situation DOES arise, you will react & perform optimally & survive the encounter.


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