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Best Long Gun/Handgun Classes Available
Hey guys, I joined this forum after moving here from Kansas and being an avid member of the Kansas CCW forums. I am now here in Grand Junction and am looking for the highest quality trainers in the area, whether that be 5 minutes from me, or 4 hours away. I have compiled a list from what I have found in the area near me, but none of them really describe what the trainers have done, as in what kind of experience they have had, other than one of the sites. I am really looking to get some more training for home defense, low light, long gun/hand gun, ground defense, hand to hand/pistol defense, etc. In Kansas we had a certified high end instructor which offered classes from Larry Vickers, this is kind of what I am looking for, a class where I will get top tier knowledge and attention. Here is what I have found so far, none of which look too appealing, but you may know more than me.

If any of these places are good let me know, if not then if you can recommend someone that would be great. I have been here for all of 2 days so far, but would like to get a lay of the land as far as where I can go to take some classes and grab the schedule to match it with mine.

Thank you,
I can work with your schedule and teach anything from very basic to very high speed low drag. Feel free to call and ask me any questions.
Phoenix Firearms Training
Unfortunately, Colorado is somewhat lacking in great firearms training. Which is odd considering it's a great state for things like MMA and hunting, plus having a large military base; one would think there would be a lot of good training available.

But keep in mind, there is a big difference between training and "great" training. Sure, there are dozens of NRA-certified CCW instructors, but from the sound of it, that's a little less than what you're looking for.

I could recommend several places if you're willing to travel. But in state....that's tough.


yeah, training here sucks, we only have LEO and Mil Trainers running classes...


Seriously, Bob is a former mounty and Local LEO
Great guy, IPSC/USPSA Shooter and NRA Certified instructor with his own Range in Bennett.
Teaches everything from Basic pistol, Tactical pistol combat carbine classes.

not recommended if you think you are always going to engage a stationary target while standing in a booth.

Whiskeyjack is also a great guy, sadly I have not had the opportunity to train with him.
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Paradise Sales in Colorado Springs can offer you the training you want....but it'd be one hell of a drive for you. Between my girlfriend and myself we know quite few people who have trained there, including us.
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Taking a class with Mean streets Tactical next Saturday. Think it's time to start training again!
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