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Current and future gun attitudes in CO?
Obviously I'm also pro gun. I'm a conservative Bush and Trump voter. I want to move to a solid Red state that is pro gun and also offers top tier outdoors activities like snowboarding, hiking, camping and so forth.

I lived in CO for 8 years. I moved away in 2006 for the Army. I'm free to move now and am looking around. I loved living in Colorado and when I lived there it was a solid Red state for two elections. Now, I live in a liberal state that constantly threatens gun rights. As I contemplate a move somewhere, I'm re-looking at Colorado.

My top choices now are probably Utah, Arizona, Idaho. Maybe Texas, Wyoming, Montana. Not much else other than giving CO another try. If it were a red state I'd move back without a second thought.

Depressing that it's now a purple/blue state with magazine restrictions. I can't ignore the law as I could lose my law license or be disbarred if I'm arrested. So "ignore the law" is not a good solution.

My friends in the metro-Denver area tell me that it has changed for the worse. Drugs, weed, illegals, liberals, Californians, and anti-gun attitudes. If it were localized to Denver, I could just go to the Springs. Some is apparently state wide.

I looked over at the current or recent legislation. A lot to wade through. Looks like a pile of gun laws for and against- so a constant big fight there. That's pretty much what I'm running from!

What's the ground atmospherics, and what is the prognosis?
"What's the ground atmospherics, and what is the prognosis?" -- leadcounsel

IMO, it's not good. :-(

I tend to be pessimistic re: the future of gun-rights (and conservative/traditional American values) all across America, not just in CO, so at best it may stay steady being a purple state for a few years, but after that, who knows? Especially if Trump doesn't win a second term and that emboldens Democrats.

I don't see how conservative voters in CO (meaning Colorado Springs and many rural counties) can EVER outvote number-wise the many liberals in Denver, Boulder and Pueblo. So just as I don't see the liberals in general changing their voting (and their politics/values) from liberal/Democrat to conservative/Republican, I can't see how CO as a state can possibly become more conservative. Last Governor election, "we" couldn't even keep Hickenlooper from winning his current (2nd?) term. Sure, "we" got 2 state legislators recalled over that high-cap magazine ban (and a 3rd one up for recall resigned) but we couldn't stop Hickenlooper. How are "we" going to elect Republican Governors?

As for other states to consider for residence, I also have a few on my Short List: AZ, NM, TX (where I am now), and possibly VA. But THAT state may be going "South" (liberal/Democrat) given the new Democrat (IIRC) governor the people of Old Dominion elected (what fools). At best "conservative states" may become islands here & there in America eventually, surrounded on all sides by liberal/socialist Democrat states.

And as long as "immigrants" mostly (almost all of them, especially Hispanics) vote Democrat, as their numbers grow (legal immigrant or not, it doesn't matter as they mostly vote the same: Democrat), and more come in (again, legal or not doesn't matter), and more are born HERE, I see no future for the Republic Party unless it sells out and start pandering to those people as the Republicans adopt the "If you can't beat them, join them" philosophy I guess. If THAT happens, then it's all over for America (not just CO). Sad...

Still, after I'm done with what I need to do here in TX, I AM considering returning to that time (a few years, 3-5) we'll see what's up with that state: Still purple, or gone blue?

At least some other states look like they can hold out being red for a long time (AZ, WY, ID, MT, etc.)...but I still wonder if what we're seeing today is the warning signs (the water receding) of a Democrat/socialist tsunami sweeping the nation in the not very distant future. I HOPE not, but as mentioned earlier, not just CO 's political/social/cultural future looks in doubt (for the worse) but most of America's does, too.

On that UNhappy note, Happy Weekend!
El Paso, TX
(formerly Colorado Springs CO and Galveston TX)
To be clear magazines over 15 rounds are still legal to possess. They just can not be procured after the law went into effect. This does not apply to Denver. Their ban is enforceable.

I do not foresee positive changes being made. In fact it's going to get worse.

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