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New to Colorado
Afternoon all.  Thanks for letting me in.  Just moved to the Springs a few months ago.  Don't let my user name scare you, it's an inside joke.  My friends and I were big fans of the Sopranos and we gave each other nicknames.  I was into guns so I got the good one. 

I was a custom 1911 and AR platform gunsmith in Reno Nevada years ago.  I had to give up my FFL due to a move to Wisconsin.  Then moved to Colorado 13 months after that.  So I had to weigh my options and let it go.  The custom 1911 market was not super lucrative, unless your name is Bill Wilson.  I was fortunate, however, that two of the best 1911 smiths in the world reside in Northern Nevada, Terry Tussey and Gene Shuey and I was able to meet with them often. 

I did some general gunsmithing as well.  I still have all my tools, sans mill/lathe.  All my resource materials, books, DVD's, manufacturer manuals, disassembly/assembly materials as well.  I am willing to help if anyone needs guidance or resource materials, if I can.  I can't physically do any work on your gun though. 

I used to shoot a lot of competitive skeet and reload for all 4 gauges.  I still shoot skeet, just not that into it as I was.  I use MEC reloaders exclusively.

My favorite handgun cartridge is the 10mm.   I have several handguns in 10mm.  I reload quite a bit and use RCBS for all my metallic loading.
Welcome to Colorado! This is a mellow gun forum.

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Welcome to the forum!

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