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Pro Gun Moving to CO
Hello everyone - I recently accepted a job in the Denver area and am moving. I've lived in a few different states these past few years. My wife and I are hoping to call CO home and settle down and start a family. I'm looking forward to trying some real long range shooting. I've never lived in a place where you have the room and it makes sense.
Welcome Matttahoe53! I can't help you on ranges for long range shooting, but chances are there ranges in the state out there. Other forum members likely can and will help. If I happen to know a range; I will post. There is a magazine limit in the state. No more than 10 round capacity. Stock-up, before you move-out.

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5280 Armory has two 50 yard lanes, and Cherry Creek's Family Shooting Center ( has some 50 yard and 100 yard rifle lanes. I've never been to 5280, as I frequent Bristlecone. I've been to FSC once, and didn't much care for the way it was ran. But, it's really hard to ignore a 100-yard shooting range.
Lakewood, CO
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