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Where to Target Practice near Colorado Springs
Hi, I've been searching all day for a place in the National Forest that I can go target practice. There's no shooting allowed in the entire Pikes Peak corridor and almost all of the area around Rampart Range Road has been closed to shooting. Does anyone know where I can go? Please provide directions if you can. Thanks in advance!
Not in that area, sorry.
Usually though you can just pick a Hwy, like say Hwy 24 and drive out looking for roads that are numbered and find a place to set up.
Thank you for your reply. Do you know if there are any good places off county road 25 (off Hwy 24, just west of Woodland Park)? I drove around for a couple hours yesterday around woodland park/cascade and didn't find any good spots. I just really don't want to spend all that time driving around again just to find no where to shoot... thanks again :)
Or if you haven't been out that way, do you know if it's at least legal to shoot there? I'm not seeing any restrictions, but I figure it's better to ask and make sure.
I think cloudcroft is from that area. Not sure though. You might shoot him a pm. I just don't go out that way to shoot. Only to ride the motorcycle.
I'll do that, thanks so much!
@ SigSauerChick: I just sent you a PM as I just happened (otherwise it might be days/weeks!) to check-in here (I don't check in often as this forum is a bit moribund, if you will, and technically, I'm no longer a "Colorado Gun Owner" but now a "Texas Gun Owner" -- so technically, may be disqualified from membership here now? ;-)

Anyway, as said in my PM to you, am posting my response here ALSO in case someone else asks the same general question in the future. Can't help you a whole lot but maybe SOME. See below:

Hello...I just happened to see this as I live in TX now and don't visit this (usually quiet) forum much, so it's weird I just checked-in and saw your post in the forum. Am sending this to you here as a PM but will also post in in the forum in case others ask the same question, and/or others can give you better info than I am doing. ;-)

Anyway, I lived in Colorado Springs (Talon Hill Apts on Voyager @ Semi-Cypress) for 3 years (2013-2016)...but never went out shooting "in the wild" (for several reasons), neither at local gun clubs/ranges in the Springs. I'm not into gun ranges as I like to do what you do: Go out "in the wild" and shoot. I do that here now that I'm back in's SO much easier to find places here to shoot out in the desert!

CORRECTION: I wrote 2 paragraphs right here about Mt. Herman Rd. (Monument, CO) but just did some checking and as I had heard 2-3 years aback, it's probably still CLOSED for shooting, so I deleted here what I wrote earlier. I knew about Mt Herman Rd. but did NOT know it was also called (?) the Rampart Range Rd. (or is that something different?) that you said FOR SURE was closed to shooters.

In this case then, I know of NOTHING in the Nat'l Forests in the Colorado Springs or Monument areas and it looks like (sadly) the only place to go shooting is at a gun range.

Sorry for my ignorance re: what the Forest Service had done re: Mt. Herman Rd. even though I WAS trying to help you...


There may be some places up in the hills near Boulder (like Switzerland Trail, a favorite of off-roaders in assorted 4x4s (Jeeps, pickup trucks, dirt bikes)...but it's a fairly mild trail in most places that an AWD vehicle with some ground clearance should be fine) but again, I just know the general areas, not specific "for sure" spots. Here is some info on it:

I THINK there are spots out there off Switzerland Trail to shoot because a Boulder-based YouTube channel ("The Fast Lane Car") does off-roading capability tests of cars/SUVs and pickup trucks up there and often you hear shooting going on in the background. Sometimes the noise interrupts the videos they're shooting. So (apparently) people find places just off the trail to shoot. Check it out though to be sure but for the same reasons Mt. Herman Rd. was closed to shooting ("to make it safe for hikers and 4-wheelers") it's possible "the authorities" may have done the same for the Switzerland Trail -- don't know. If they did though, it looks like gun-ranges only from now on, if no more "in the wild' shooting is allowed.

As a last resort (!), perhaps go to a local gun store in your neighborhood and ask where to go "in the wild' to shoot? Maybe a gun store in the Springs or Monument would know? Or maybe stop by the Monument City Police or the Sheriff's office in downtown Colorado Springs and ask?

On ANOTHER note, I see your avatar is a Sig-Sauer P238 -- what a coincidence: My Daily Carry (EDC) gun lately (as I've been sporting a "cute" look vs. "scary" as was my in-your-face big 9mm) has been my Sig-Sauer P238 "Nitron" (but now with different wood grips & laser-carved scorpions on it with Sig "rainbow" grip screws). Not sure how your carry yours (besides probably concealed -- I was an Open-Carrier my entire time in CO, and still OC here in TX now), but I also carry 2 spare mags in a small DeSantis black leather double-magazine pouch (nice -- hard to find small decent pouches for 380 magazines, and the DeSantis .380 pouches come in black or brow leather).

I have 6 mags for the gun and 5 are on me at all times: 3 are Sig-Sauer OEM 7-shot X-Grip mags and 2 are plain (no grip extensions) 6-shot mags but also stainless-steel like the OEM Sig mags are. One Sig 7-shot X-Grip mag is in the gun, two 6-shot mags (made by "Metalform," which has made top-quality mags for Colts, including for the Mustang 380, for YEARS!) are in the DeSantis (for a particular reason INSTEAD of the 7-shots) and 2 Sig 7-shot X-Grip mags are in my "biker vest" gun-magazine-pockets (yes, the vest* came with specific OEM pockets made for pistol magazines -- nice).

*vest is made by Legendary USA and is their "Gunslinger" model. :-)

I got great pricing on my P238 mags (both OEM Sig-Sauer and Metalform)...can let you know my source if you wish...

Good luck finding a shooting spot,

-- cloudcroft
Thank you Cloudcroft, I PM'ed you back
(10-10-2017, 09:43 AM)SigSauerChick Wrote: Thank you Cloudcroft, I PM'ed you back

Yes, got it and responded. Sorry for being a tad dazed & confused re: the National Forest Service & Mt. Herman Rd. BTW, I had read that shooters out there left huge amounts of trash and some "collateral damage" so people weren't happy about that kind of behavior, so it's possible shooters themselves helped get Mt. Herman Rd closed (besides the "safety factor" for hikers and such).

But re: something I DO know about (!), a source for quality magazines if anyone else has a Sig P238 and is looking for spare mags, Greg Cote's website is worth a look (and not only for Sig but other brands, too):

As mentioned, the 6-shot ($16.95) and 7-shot ($21.95) P238 stainless-steel mags made by Metalform are top-quality and the 7-shot has the "X-Grip" little-finger extension (his flat shipping fee is $6.95 regardless of how many items ordered) same as the OEM Sig mag does, whereas the OEM Sig 7-shots are $40 (or more).

If Greg doesn't have the Sig OEM X-Grip P238 mags, then get the Metalforms!

-- cloudcroft
I did finally find a good place to go where it's legal to shoot. There are a few small camp sites and a couple houses so just be cautious of that.

Go west on HWY 24 until you get to Divide (west of Woodland Park). Turn right (north) on Weaver Rd (first stop light I believe when driving into Divide. Stay going straight and it turns into County Road 5. Once you get into the National Forest it becomes Rule Road 357. There are a few small places along the road that is not considered part of the national forest so make sure to take a map. Also, as long as the roads are clear, 4 wheel drive isn't required for most of the road unless you want to drive further into the national forest. I drove out there in a sedan (Subaru). On google maps you can search for Rule Creek Trail and it should give you directions straight to where I've described (that's how I originally found it). If you have any questions, just reply to this thread or send me a PM.
Also Cloudcroft,
I ordered 2 magazines from Greg Cote. I paid less for both (including shipping) than I paid when I ordered 1 from sig sauers website! Thank you for referring his website!
(10-14-2017, 12:50 PM)SigSauerChick Wrote: Also Cloudcroft,
I ordered 2 magazines from Greg Cote. I paid less for both (including shipping) than I paid when I ordered 1 from sig sauers website! Thank you for referring his website!

Great...which ones did you get? OEM Sig, Metalform Sig, 6-shot, 7-shot w/ X-Grip?

I always get a minimum of 2 extra mags for any handgunI get, and since at least 1 comes with the gun, I buy 2 more for 3 total. I always carry spares for my EDC gun, and IMO 3 mags is "comfortable" number to have on me. Just in case. After all, aside from some street-trash in Colorado (even though not as much as some other states), there are lions, tigers and bears. Well, okay, maybe just bears.

I don't expect you'll have any trouble with them, but if you do Greg should take care of you. But if for whatever reason he doesn't, since *I* made the recommendation, I'll buy them from you for what you paid (including shipping) you're 100% covered! ;-)

Let me know how they're working for you (or not) -- test them out as soon as you can.

BTW...what ammo do you carry in your P238? HP's I guess, but which ones?

-- c
That’s so nice of you to cover me with my order! Thanks! I ordered 2 Sig Sauer capacity 6. I was able to test them, the Spring seems a little more difficult to push down when loading the magazine s than the ones I ordered from Sig Sauers website. But I know that after more use it’ll get easier.

I actually have 6 magazines total (I have 2 Sig Sauer p238’s so I don’t have to get different magazines and ammo). I keep all of them fully loaded and find a few spots in different rooms in the house to keep them. That way, if I was to ever have to defend myself and my child, it wouldn’t matter what room we are in, I’ll have enough ammo to protect us and wouldn’t have to be trying to run into another room to get more.

I use Remington or Sig Sauer brand HP 380 (obviously not for target practice) but it usually depends on which is cheaper. Usually the Sig brand ammo is a couple bucks cheaper and is still good quality.
(10-19-2017, 07:15 PM)SigSauerChick Wrote: ...
Okay...let me know how they work out for you feeding and such. My 6 mags (Sig OEM and Sig/Metalform) work fine.

For "soft targets" my HP .380ACP ammo is either Fiocchi Extrema (in the gun now) or Hornady Custom (IIRC)...all of them use Hornady's excellent XTP HP bullets, and they are top-performers from all I've read and seen on YouTube ammo-testing videos, and all ammo self-defense ammo is tested/evaluated based on how well (or not) it follows FBI ammo requirements. I also use the XTP bullet when I carry my EAA/Tangfolio Witness 9mm -- ammo is by American Gunner, VERY highly rated re: performance. The couple of mags with FMJs in them are for "hard targets" and are of various brands -- doesn't matter to me as long as they go bang, but HP choice DOES matter so I spent lots of time researching that! I also have (and used) some Sig Elite Performance HP ammo...but it suffers from under-penetration, so I don't carry if for self-defense use. Even the well-rated Federal HST is one of the best (but not THE best) in a full-size gun, but falls TOO short in a shorter-barreled pocket pistol (our P238s), so even in a Kimber Micro or Colt Mustang I wouldn't recommend HST or the Sig Elite Performance.

BTW, since I have seen yours (in your avatar), I may as well show you mine!

No...I mean my P238!! What did you think?! ;-)

So below is a just-taken pic of ALL my EDC "stuff" I Open-Carry (OC) each day. The Sig polymer holster is by Cytac, and given I OC, it's an OWB holster vs. an IWB. The gun belt is the "Operator" by 511. Double-magazine pouch fits most .380 "pocket-pistol" mags and is black leather by DeSantis (they make a brown leather one, too).

The gun is carried cross-draw pretty much as close to my belt-buckle as possible and the "rotary" feature of the Cytac holster allows me to get "minute of angle" holster cant for the most efficient/comfortable and smooth draw. In actual EDC, the grip is even over my belt buckle a little unlike what is seen in the pic -- in the pic it's a bit farther away from the buckle for "photo composition" purposes (so the buckle was also visible). It came with "Siglites" (and "TruGlo" day sights) so that's great for low-light target acquisition. It's an "Academy Sports Special" Nitron model only Academy carries (TMK). Grips and screws are aftermarket.

My EDC knife is a DART by Fox Knives, Italy (N690Co steel) and designed by Doug Marcaida. It's carried in the tiny "coin pocket" of my jeans (readily accessible via the ring on the grip). Although it's a folder, it deploys as soon as it exits the pocket (and one-handed). That's especially "helpful" if someone goes for a gun grab so I can fend-off with my left hand and cut with my right.

Whatever, we ALL should be EDCing an instantly-deployable knife, too, because if someone is close enough to grapple with you, the knife is king -- IMO.

Sorry for the "street dust" on all the excitement I forgot to brush it all off for the pic! :-(

>> "That way, if I was to ever have to defend myself and my child, it wouldn’t matter what room we are in, I’ll have enough ammo to protect us and wouldn’t have to be trying to run into another room to get more." -- SigSauerChick <<

That's good thinking (most people don't think at all!) but I suggest you CARRY what you need, even @ home. I no "panic searching" for anything as it's ON me. I just "slip into something more comfortable" (!) when I get home: Change into my @ home clothes, put my Sig in the safe and take out my Beretta 3032 Tomcat (inox) -- and it goes into my "@ home jeans" coin pocket (no holster) -- fits very nicely. Hardly anyone notices it when I answer the door (UPS, apt. maintenance guys, Jehovah Witnesses, or whoever!) -- but it's right there ready to go ON me at ALL times. Please do the same yourself: Carry it ON you at all times (except in the shower (!) or when in bed -- mine is under an edge of my pillow). At the very least it should not be out of arm's reach at ANY time, even when in the shower. ;-)

Am I paranoid? No, just prudent -- read all the home invasions stories happening more & more nowadays, where the homeowner(s) did NOT have his/her gun handy when the ghetto-trash broke in. Sad...

Take care,

-- c

El Paso, TX
(formerly Colorado Springs CO and Galveston TX)
Everything in that pic looks great! Love the gun belt, the gun, and knife ( don’t know if it is or not but it looks expensive!).

I do generally carry on me when at home. Sometimes I’m just lazy about it but that’s definitely not the right thing to be lazy about. I’ve read stories, like you were saying, where the guy (or girl or family, whatever) is just relaxing in their living room and all of a sudden the door is kicked in. There is even a gun in the house, but if it’s in a safe and still needs to be loaded or is half way across the house, it’s going to be of no use because it takes too long to get to.

The other reason I keep magazines in different rooms is because if a robber came in and found my guns (hopefully just one since I’d (very hopefully) be out of the house with my other one) I don’t want them to also take the gun bag nearby with the 10 or so boxes of ammo plus the 36 bullets in the magazines, which I’d keep in there if I didn’t separate them. At least then I haven’t lost all the ammo.

Just gives me more peace of mind that they didn’t take everything. Since that would be $40 in ammo and $250 in magazines. Haha but they get a $750 gun which also has a $100 TLR-6 light/laser on it plus $200 in ammo lol so ya know, that’s not so great...

But since I’m the one responsible for keeping myself and son safe, I tend to not worry about keeping all of it together since separating it makes me feel better - there’s probably nothing very logical about separating it so maybe it’s just a woman thing lol. It’s a little intimidating being a small woman and knowing I have to get up and defend us if I hear someone walking around our place at night. So I try to think of different scenarios and what I should do (such as place magazines in different rooms and keeping all the magazines loaded).

How did you attach a pic to your reply? For the life of me, I can’t figure out how!
(10-20-2017, 07:48 PM)SigSauerChick Wrote: How did you attach a pic to your reply? For the life of me, I can’t figure out how!

Look below for "Attachments" and the "New Attachment" button next to the paperclip icon on the left. Click on "Browse" to find the file you want to attach (images) in order to select it (I put images I want to attach on my PC's desktop so I can find them), then click the "Add Attachment" button and an "image link" will appear in your post (probably at the very top, not sure). Then go ahead and "Post Reply" and check to see if the image is showing up at the bottom. If not, it didn't process right.

As for guns, ammo and other valuable stuff in the home that thieves may take, first & foremost get Renter's or Homeowner's'll have to add riders/floaters for separate expensive items, like guns, jewelry, furs, and so on. But overall, most Renter's policies (don't know about Homeowners, I rent an apt.) offer about $20K for under $20/month. You could try Allstate, State Farm, Farmers and Nationwide...but banks often offer it, too -- my Renter's Ins is with USAA.

In addition to Renters Ins, I went ahead and "bit the bullet" (how appropriate here in this Gun Forum!) and got a safe...well, actually it's a RSC (ResidentialSecurityCloset) and have as much of my valuables as I can stored in it: Guns & ammo mainly, but several edged weapons, too. AND, important personal documents and such. The "safe" cost me a fair amount ($1470 at the time -- August of 2015) but I wanted it for making it harder for thieves to get my stuff (and trying to be "a responsible gun-owner" by locking up my guns). There is nowhere (well ALMOST) you can "hide" something they won't find, so it needs to be locked up (and the safe bolted to the floor/wall so it can't be moved). But since I carry one of my handguns @ home, in an emergency I don't need to get into the safe in a hurry, so that's not a problem.

I have two "safes" -- a Sturdy Safe 2419 (medium-sized) and a Cobalt S852C (smaller sized). BOTH would be hard to get into...unlike most so-called "safes" found at Big Box stores. That's about all I can do: Get Renter's Ins and get a serious "safe" -- except I could also have a monitored (like ADT) alarm system installed, to further deter thieves/protect my stuff (haven't done that yet -- I'm home much of the time, but when I go on long trips a monitored alarm service would be best to have.

I also have 2 small "safes" in my SUV (seriously tethered, to they can't be picked up and carried off): Both are Ft. Knox Pistol Boxes, one small, one large. They are for storing guns/ammo, knife, camera and laptop if I need to leave them in the car for some reason. They would make too much (and too long) work for a "smash & grab" thief and slow-down one who took more time. Again, that's about all I can do to protect my stuff, but I NEVER leave a gun "hidden" in a vehicle -- they'll find it right away. I almost forgot: I also have a SKS (my "repel boarders" gun for more serious situations) in my SUV and it's seriously tethered, too, so it'd take a while to steal.

As for expensive stuff (like EDC knives), I'd rather get something quality-made (workmanship and materials used) vs. Chinese crap, so yes, I pay a bit more for an EDC knife ($125 at the time for my DART -- they're now $158 but "improved")) than most people I know (they buy cheap Chinese crap). But hey -- that's one reason we both got Sigs vs. something way cheaper, yes? So I simply adopt the "Buy once, cry once" policy on larger-ticket items. I get over the pain quickly...   ;-)

Anyway, thieves will pretty much find anything you think you're hiding. While it's true even an EMPTY safe screams "steal me" (because the thief assumes there's stuff in it), the alternative is a thief easily finding something "hidden" and then picks it up/carries it off -- LOTS of people "hide" guns under their beds and in closets, but they're easily found and simply picked up and taken. They need to be "seriously tethered" or in a "serious" safe/RSC that's ALSO bolted down. Still, you COULD hide things if you're creative -- it' not IMPOSSIBLE (just very hard to fool thieves) -- so if that's all you can do/afford, then do your best to hide things, as it certainly IS true that a thief can't steal when he can't see/find. And even some people who DO have safes, they get creative about hiding THEM, too...again, if a thief can't find the safe, he can't even begin to try opening it, so that's a "double layer" of protection for their stuff. As a renter I can't remodel the place to "hide" my safe...but if I ever buy a house/condo, I COULD do that.

Good luck trying to keep what you's a shame we ALL have to spend money, time and effort all because of street-trash/low-lifes...

-- c
El Paso, TX
(formerly Colorado Springs CO and Galveston TX)
Perfect equipment! Looks great!
@ Travolta709:
However, now I carry a different handgun: STILL a Sig-Sauer P238, but NOW one of their "Rainbow Titanium" seen here:
Here's Sig's video on it:
I've always liked the appearance of that version 238 (I call it "Sunset" vs. "Rainbow" though, for a couple of reasons), so I guess over time it just "nagged" on me to get it. Kept putting it off though...
Then I recently came up with a convincing enough (to me) justification (pure brilliance, if I do say so myself): Since I am President of "Open Carry El Paso" (TX) -- and so OC daily everywhere I go here (and in NM & CO when I visit people there), and living in a city that's mostly Hispanic (and appreciate colorful items/homes/cars, jewelry, etc.), I thought "El Presidente" (Yours Truly) up until now -- even if inadvertently -- had been shirking his sacred office: He should be carrying something more "Presidente," if you will. I needed something with just a tad more bling.
Well, now I have it. ;-)
The more subdued "Nitron" model 238 seen in the above pic is in my safe now. Mostly everything else seen in the above pic I still carry -- except the DeSantis double-mag pouch on the belt (keep 2 spare mags in my vest pockets now so I can carry my phone in a rugged "Unicorn Beetle" belt case where the pouch used to be) -- so mainly, just the gun's finish changed.
If I can remember, will try to take another pic of my current setup for comparison -- I'm sure everyone will agree one rig looks more "Presidente" than the other. ;-)
-- C
El Paso, TX
(formerly Colorado Springs CO and Galveston TX)

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