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Real-World Uses For a Hi-Point

Lakewood, CO
Charter Member, Bristlecone Shooting Center
I have never owned a Hi-Point myself, but have heard they are pretty durable/reliable guns, despite their "bottom-drawer" reputation and "awkward" appearance.

The main reason I wouldn't get one is I have too many handguns already, even if only one 9mm (a CZ-75 clone EAA Witness P-S FDE) I don't need another 9 mm.

Otherwise, if anyone had a very low gun budget, ONE gun I'd suggest is a Hi-Point...and another would be the same model Witness I have -- it was only $252 @ Tombstone Tactical (AZ)...a great deal for such a nice pistol, IMO...

But I'd hate to THROW it at someone...would probably miss and it'd get all scratched up on the pavement. :-(
Yeah, I just thought the video was hilarious. I picked up a Hi-Point at Tanner, and just HATED the feel.

Sure, it's better than a sharp stick, but still...

If I was on the hunt for a budget 9mm, I'd probably go with a Taurus PT111 G2. Despite the rest of Taurus' reputation, this model seems to be doing quite well.
Lakewood, CO
Charter Member, Bristlecone Shooting Center
Some people like them, just never met one.

My brother did have a hipoint carbine. Said it was great and that he regrets selling it. I bought him a bump stock for his AR to ease his pain. Now I wish I had bought twenty of them.
(09-17-2017, 05:52 PM)JackRock Wrote:

That's a pretty funny video. Never owned one myself.

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