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Family shooting center at cherry creek
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I have been to this range several times, it's good enough for a place to shoot that is within the city, and close to my house. 100yd/50 yd rifle and 10 yardpistol.

My complaint is, that after several visits I noticed they had a membership. It cost 170 plus the parks pass, about 240 total, and the parks pass is good at all colorado state parks. I ask the guy if it's worth it, he says yeah, "if you are gonna come more than 9 times it's definitely worth it".

 I say, "1 year from today?"

    "yup, from today" he says.

  I just got a new gun so Im like YEAH, Ill take it, not bothering to do the math or read the fine print. Well when I got home I realize, it isn't a year of shooting at all, it's 9 visits to the range (8 after the day you get the pass), and a 5% discount. There were a couple other perks that I didn't receive, nor did he inform me of them. now 9 visits to the range costs $144, and you would have to spend $700 on their overpriced stuff for the 5% discount to start saving you anything. They also failed to mention that you can buy the same 9 visit card for $140 dollars or so. It would literally be cheaper to go to the range an pay full price every time than it is for their "membership". There are no other financial benefits, unless you do archery, in which case it would actually be a good deal. But of course I told him I have no plans to ever 'arch'. I feel like it was very dishonest for the employees to imply I would be saving money, and also a disservice from them to not mention that I could save $40 and just buy the 9 visit punch card if the other perks were of no interest to me. They also failed to provide a membership card, and failed to disclose I could get my first year membership to the nra for free.

  I emailed them about this and they did nothing to rectify the situation, in fact, they havn't even responded (6 days). My only recourse is to take to the internet and let every one know, that "the Family Shooting Center" at cherry creek is not interested in helping you or providing you with valuable service. $2 targets and $20 boxes of 9mm even as high priced as they are, would take a long time for that 5% to add up.

 Aside from that though, they were really fun guys. The RSO's take their jobs seriously and even gave my son some pointers. However liking someone doesnt mean they run a good business. They fail to put the customer first and I will always recommend any place to shoot over The Family Shooting Center at Cherry Creek. Good place to play with a new gun in the middle of the week, but definitely not worthy of becoming your 'shooting spot'
I've been there. Wasn't all that impressed, really. For the price, there are better options much closer to me. About the only thing this facility had (that I care about) is the extended range rifle section.
Lakewood, CO
Charter Member, Bristlecone Shooting Center
I've never been here, but it seems as if it's getting more difficult to find good indoor places to shoot. And by this I mean the last three places I've been to it's been the staff that has been the issue, just as in the OP's case.

My range time has decreased over the past couple years due to this.
I have never been to the cherry creek range. From what I hear I have no plans to go.
(07-09-2017, 08:03 AM)Lead Junkie Wrote: I have never been to the cherry creek range. From what I hear I have no plans to go.

I think the only reason my friend and I chose that range was because they do allow 5-year-olds to shoot (under close supervision), and his daughter was five at the time. Also, they do have a 100-yard rifle range, and he had to zero in his new sights.
Lakewood, CO
Charter Member, Bristlecone Shooting Center

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