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Cheat sheet to educate people about OC?
Is there a file or anything that you all have which I could print out to educate anyone who might ask when I OC in Colorado Springs?
Not really. There is a pamphlet in the forum that covers most gun laws but nothing OC specific.

Link to pamphlet
(05-15-2017, 06:54 PM)Aslmentor Wrote: Is there a file or anything that you all have which I could print out to educate anyone who might ask when I OC in Colorado Springs?

The only ones I've seen is "Why I Carry" type things, usually "tri-fold" pamphlets that can be printed-out and handed to people...but they're mostly CC (ConcealCarry) oriented and have gun laws for carrying thrown in also. There's one here on THIS site as Lead Junkie gave above:

As for anything OC (Open-Carry), I've never found it. Check out the Site, then the Colorado sub-forum...but I don't think you'll find such a tri-fold even there and is into OC big-time -- perhaps THE main OC site/forum you would think there should be something (maybe there is, but I may have missed it):

I thought there might be a another Colorado-specific tri-fold hand-out in the Colorado sub-forum seen here:

...but I don't see one.

So no, I've seen NOTHING for OC people to print up and hand out.

Consequently, when I meet "inquiring minds" as I OC out there -- and I do on occasion (as I did in Colorado Springs when I lved there recently) -- I try to get as much info verbally to them as I can in as short a time as possible. Cover all the "Main Points" if you will. That's tough to do though, so a "tri-fold" dedicated for OCers would be good. But we'd have to compose/print something up on our own. I'm planning to make up some business cards on OCing to keep on hand -- keep the message simple but and use small print to get as much onthe card I can (within reason, of course)!

I'll get a package of those "Avery Business Cards" and print something up of my own design. Better than just a verbal interaction where they may forget most of it (and WTH "that guy" talking to them was!): A card will leave the person not only with written notes, but also my contact info in case they have further I also talk to people here about taking the Texas LTC (LicenseToCarry, required for CC and OC) class -- what's it's like and how the range session goes (and tips to score the max points on the target to pass). Not to mention gun & ammo choice, etc. One of these encounters led to me going with a lady to a local gun range to rent guns to try, as she was going for her LTC as soon as possible but was pretty much clueless about anything guns. It's a good thing I DID go as the range was pretty useless re: helping her, and that MAY have turned her off to guns in general. Not good!

Anyway, since most people CC here, THAT kind info is of interest to them also.

One problem with coming up with a "generic" tri-fold/pamphlet/business-card is OCers may differ as to why each of them is OCing vs. no one tri-fold would probably work (be complete) for us all. Plus, it seems that 99.999% (or less!) of people who DO (and legally) carry a handgun CC, not OC, and that's in every state that allows OC, not just Colorado. As I mentioned in another post just now here, I am probably the ONLY person OCing in this pretty large West Texas city. So, by "default" I am the President ("El Presidente" in local lingo) CEO, COO, and CFO of "Open Carry El Paso." Just me.

Well, at least I feel "important" now with all that rank and power... ;-)

When I DO get to talk to someone (when they ask questions only, I don't push anything on people), I try to keep the message simple -- sort of a "Talking Points outline" I go by -- so to do that I use this "equation" as to why I OC...besides the SAME and MAIN reason CCers carry a gun: To have a gun ON me and at ALL times for my personal protection/safety, of course!

The "OCing Equation" is:

"D + E = N"


Desensitizing + Educatiing = Normalizing (OCing)

>> D&E can only be done by people who OC, not CC. <<

So most of my "sales pitch" is explaining the "math" if you will. ;-)

Happy Carrying (however you do it),

-- c

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