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Pro-Gun Bills to be heard March 22nd
On Wednesday, March 22nd the Colorado House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee will hear testimony on:

SB17-005 Handgun Safety Training for School Employees

SB17-006 Concealed Carry for Military Under 21

SB17-007 Repeal Ammunition Magazine Prohibition

The committee convenes at 1:30pm but testimony will likely last until late in the evening. The anti-gun crowd has been showing up in force so if you can make it, come on down and say your piece on one or all of these bills. We need more pro-gun voices in these hearings.

If you can't make it, email the committee members beforehand. Contact information is located here:

House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee
Wednesday, March 22nd 1:30pm
Room 271
State Capitol
Thanks for this info. I wish i could make it to these. Of course work always gets in the way. Definitely going to send emails.

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