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need help finding Gun rights Attorney?
Hello ,

I’m Stan Walker, I’m a serious gun collector, I’m paying incrementally to be a life-time NRA member, and I also pay for annual memberships for 7 of my nephews. I’m also a major donor to pro-Gun, pro constitution political candidates. (I sometimes have given up to $2,700 to multiple candidates. That is my definition of “ major”, because that’s a lot of money to me. Small potatoes in the big scheme of things. ) but now I give less, I’m semi-retired, age 62.

But I’m in trouble. I really would appreciate some help. . I need a referral to a competent, honest, hopefully pro-gun attorney. And fast. I have trial date Feb 27. I had stated by contact 26-27 lawyers online, interviewing 17 lawyers. Hired 3 in succession. Second one honest, gave me my retainer check back, too heavy case load. But after firing the first, who failed to show up for court appointments (and much worse) I again have an competent lawyer. So I’m about to fire my second attorney. 4K returned from one lawyer, means I’m still out $9,800 paid to others, who, as soon as paid, FORGET ABOUT ME. Current one is, no doubt, a meth head. Or coke head.

I live in Broomfield, and the case is with Broomfield county court.

First lawyer set court dates without talking to me. Made me miss training class in Detroit, which in turn, cost me a very high paying consulting job. Not so easy getting the next job.

Issue is a misdemeanor “menacing” charge. That is the only charge, but this is all a gun grab. worker at dry cleaners called 911 after I left, said I made death threats to him. I hand no weapons. There are no weapons charges, just “menacing comments” . But if I played the recording of his 911 call, you wouldn’t be able to help yourself; you would laugh out loud. “I think he said.. he might be coming.. back .. or .. that I might have a bad day” 5 minutes 2 seconds into 911 call he’s telling dispatcher.. “well, he was really rude”, “a lot of people been rude to me today”, “I just started here two months ago”. Police arrives, he tells them I must have left, I must have seen him on the phone, figured he was calling police. You can’t see INTO the store. But he reveals he just standing there in store, talking to 911 dispatch, about what a rough day he’s having, while supposedly he believes somebody is coming to kill him, or beat him, or whatever. He’s not licking the door behind me. Not locking himself in office or bathroom, not retreating out back door. He’s in fear for his life? And he’s just going to stand there chatting on phone? This is a guy thought he should use the system. To get the old fat white guy. Who demanded his “ lost” clothes be found. Else there would be a bevy of postings on the internet, and his business would suffer. He “lost” about $2,300 my belongings. Except they weren’t lost, they just helped themselves to 25-26 designer label items.

I sent police report to 26 attorneys. I interview 15 in person or by phone. Universal prognosis was, “even if everything the accusers said were true, this till, quite simply, does not meet the standard for menacing--- under Colorado law.”. literality 15 in a row, said same thing, one way or other..

It’s a gun grab. Real issue with DA and judge, is when police knocked on door, I answering wearing a sidearm. One of them just panicked. I’m lucky I did not get killed. This was full size sig Sauer p220, bianci paddle holster, right hip, fully exposed. And fully empty. For when I do open carry, in town, it’s always empty. Too easy for somebody knock me in back of head, use gun on me, maybe on others. I support everyone’s right to open carry. But I personally don’t do it. I do open/ empty carry to 1( exercise my right, 2) I have active, documented death threats against me from great-nicest former boyfriend, and 3) to show my liberal neighbors in my condo tract, that nice guys sometimes carry guns. And that guns aren’t evil. Of course I had a fully valid Colorado CCW , which the police knew before they knocked on my door. And I was standing in my own living room the whole time, never touched the gun, I was very careful to make no sudden moves, never even let my hand get close to the gun.

Right hip Bianci paddle holster. Full size P220 .45 acp frame. No attempt to conceal. Police reports “SMALL-OF-BACK” holster. And that is stupid stupid cops, but that is the closest thing to truth on police report. Officer ½ way through 25 minutes “interview” shouts, “HE’s GOT a CONCELAED GUN” . Elmer Fudd needs new eyeglasses. I say, calmly, “It’s not a concealed gun”. “And my gun is not the one you need worry over”. (I’m telling them , please relax, I am NOT YOUR ENEMY. I WILL DO YOU NO HARM) Police report says, “he said this is not the gun you have to worry about”. “so we took that as indication that he hand long gun hidden behind door -- and obviously we had walked into an ambush”. 3 minutes later the lady copy is trying to pull her weapon, but she can’t get it out without looking down at it. It’s a $14.00 Uncle Mikes holster with big Velcro strap. And things got worse. I say, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? Are you going to kill me? I tell her, TAKE YOUR HAND OFF THE WEAPON. NOW! She quits tugging at the thing and takes her hand away. She was supposed to be here for me to sign a summons. Police report said they repeatedly tried to get me to sign. Actual fact, they never asked me, not ever once , to sign anything, never extended the clip board. Every time I reached out to try to get a look at the document on clip-board, she retracted it, pulled it back to her chest. After she tried to pull her weapon, more conversion ensues, she’s still not going to let me look at document. Finally I do one maybe stupid thing. I take one full step out front door, rip the clipboard from her grasp, I’m back in house, 1.5 seconds before her hand is back on pistol grip, I signed summons blind, no reading classes, I could have been confessing to murder for all I know.

But on day1 first court hearing, my lawyer failed to show up. DA asked for restraining order to protect the accuser. DA tells lies, DA reads from report that she knows is all lies. Judge silences me; I am not allowed to speak. DA says, “ AND HE WAS WEARING A GUN WHEN POLICE KNOCKED, AND POLICE BELIVE HIS INTENTION WAS TO START A GUNFIGHT” Judge issues the restraining order. Judge Also orders me to disposes myself of all firearms; all ammunition; all weapons of any sort. No alcoholic beverages of any sort.

I am charged only with misdemeanor menacing at dry cleaners. No charges related to any interaction with police, or anything else. Judge refuses to exclude police visit to my house. They told bold face lies. But a decent attorney will destroy the testimony of the accusers. And of the police. I get along great with cops everywhere. These two… especially one .. just stupid beyond belief. Told bold face lies. They apparently don’t understand the concept of Windows. And neighbors. And they are going to get ripped on witness stand.

But current attorney brags that she parties all night with her boyfriend. Always has sniffles. Is WAY beyond distracted. Prone to temper tantrums.
Will not give me a copy of 911 transcript. She only typed up the accusers portion. She did not send out for full transcription, she wanted to save the $40.00. She screams, “this is mine. It’s for me. Not for you”. Nit she refuses to provide even that. If only she would have put the full text of the transcript on a motion to dismiss? Even a left wing nut case judge would dismiss. Would have no choice. There is no case. There is zero evidence of menacing.

Me: I no priors whatsoever. My last speeding ticket maybe 11 years ago. My last parking ticket 25 years ago. I am an honorably discharged veteran, a US ARMY paratrooper. (Who qualified for Expert Badge with a perfect score card, no misses. )

And I will take no plea deals, honor and virtue, are not just words to me. My duties as a citizen calls me to face my accuser, face down this judge. But it is 100% rail-road job. The plea offer they suggested to my attorney: 12 months’ probation, see parole officer and metal health counselor. But no deferment. If deferred, it does not become a criminal record. I mention this, as I have now been to court 7 times. I watched the DA and judge give 12 months probations WITH DEFERMENT. To a guy that had brutally beaten his girlfriend, hospitalized her. His girlfriend said the DA , was about ½ his body weight. This is liberal nut case judge, Amy Bockman, appointed, I’m told, by the last far-left Governor of Colorado.

It’s a gun grab. I really need some help. Thanks for reading. Sorry for being long winded. I am exhausted, cannot sleep at night. These people are trying to label ME as criminal. While the real criminal, runs a gang of professional thieves in dry cleaners scams, and is no doubt laughing his ass off. There are 7 other cases on YELP of this guy screaming at people who demand the return of their clothing. Be sure and scroll down to the second and third batch of negative reviews. Worst review of any business ever.

Thanks again.

Stan Walker
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Stan, you need to get all the details off this forum RIGHT FREAKING NOW.

Since you're in Broomfield, I would look at:
  • Anthony Fabian (based in Castle Rock) - Law Offices of Anthony J. Fabian, PC
  • Edward Levy (Denver) - Atlas Law Firm
  • Nathan G. Osborn (Greenwood Village) - Montgomery Little & Soran
  • Robert B. Wareham (Highlands Ranch) - The Law Center PC
I got this list from attorneys affiliated with the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network (Disclosure: I'm a member).
Lakewood, CO
Charter Member, Bristlecone Shooting Center

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