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Oddity-friendly ranges
All the ranges I have been to- admittedly not very many- have rules prohibiting Derringers, guns without trigger guards, certain shot sizes, etc. Since I own a 45LC/410, I'd like to find a place I can shoot whatever the heck shot I want. And as I might (emphasis, might) be inheriting a Bond Arms derringer, I'd like to actually be able to shoot the thing, lol! Anybody been to a place, preferably in or near Denver, without such restrictions?
Might try 5280 Armory
They rent full auto weapons to fire on their range.
Your derringer isn't more dangerous than an UZI?
Should be good at Bristlecone; I've never heard such nonsense coming from Brian and Jacquelyn.
Lakewood, CO
Charter Member, Bristlecone Shooting Center

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