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Cheapest Ammo in Denver?
Who has the cheapest ammo prices in the Denver area? 9mm and 556 / 223
I'm going to try and hit an outdoor range this weekend 
I would say Walmart . If they don't have what you want, try Cabela's or Sportsman's Warehouse.

Walmart Supercenter at I-25 and 136th in Broomfield
Cabela's at I=25 and 144th in Thornton
Sportsman's Warehouse at I-25 and 84th in Thornton
If you want to buy local walmart is one of the best spots. Buying in bulk/online I go to jgsales or sgammo
Thanks for the replies, I avoid walmart..
I will check out those sites
Avoid all you want but Walmart is the place to go for ammo. So much so that I avoid the place just so I don't buy ammo.
Dicks will run good sales from time to time , have to watch for their ad.

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