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Finally did it!!!!
I finally climbed and summited Longs Peak this past Monday.

14 hrs 25 mins
15 miles roundtrip
5,100 feet in elevation gain from trailhead to summit
Route: Keyhole Route

I've had a childhood obsession since age 9 about this mountain. 27 years later, it is finally mine!

[Image: 8ced3fda7ee3d7ba0519a5cb20f61f1c.jpg]
looking across the valley from the Ledges

[Image: d6be971f813a7f6089c603c252a0a9aa.jpg]
looking up the Trough

[Image: 3b20f8d869a8371eb2db755eb78919d8.jpg]
looking up the Homestretch

[Image: 0d7d73e817ea1e542ce07743a2e4f9c7.jpg]
looking down on Chasm Lake and Peacock Lake from the summit

[Image: eea6f3c149ce474c52f3561280e89e9d.jpg]
looking at the Narrows (towards the Trough on the return trip)

[Image: 5ef1a029fa8fd74ca322cc6b2cae5b7f.jpg]
Looking across the valley from the Narrows

[Image: 90b751d49d85383249160ab09f4332af.jpg]
looking down the Trough

[Image: 5b20cbc80b3f55fcd9a6a63a074c650e.jpg]
looking across the Ledges

[Image: 6eca54661cd925b9242925e24f862d2e.jpg]
stone hut below the Keyhole

[Image: d1ccd20e5d372a498bea13ad1b44ba36.jpg]
the Keyhole

[Image: 2c1ae7dc80f485470107a06ad6e0817b.jpg]
Wider shot of the Keyhole

[Image: 2379e9b8300b4243459d8fceacb32f35.jpg]
Longs and the Boulder Field

[Image: 39a1b33a37fd1009e49ffe4be2cca717.jpg]
purchased a replica summit marker at the Ranger Station

[Image: 6f32adb9430d606cd75d957eb2aaab46.jpg]
And purchased a patch

Very proud of my accomplishment. I worked very hard to do this and trained for 2 months solid.

5/23 - Mt. Sniktau (13'er)
5/29 - Quandary Peak (14'er)
6/5 - Spalding/Evans Combo Via Summit Lake and West Ridge Traverse (13'er and a 14'er)
6/19 - James Peak (13'er)
6/26 - Mt. Audubon (13'er)
7/10 - Grays and Torreys ( pair of 14'ers)
7/18 - Belford/Oxford (attempted Missouri as part of a 3 peak combo but storms ran us off) pair of 14'ers
7/25 - Longs Peak (14,255)

11 Peaks, 63 days, avg. of 1 peak every 5.72 days.

I'm so tired even still 5 days after my climb.
That's got to be a great feeling.
Only 14er I have been up is pikes peak in my car
That's pretty awesome.
Congratulations! That's a great accomplishment!
(07-30-2016, 04:29 PM)bufordtjustice Wrote: Congrats!!!
That's got to be a great feeling.
Only 14er I have been up is pikes peak in my car

thank you!

I was completely euphoric when I summited.

Last week was pretty much this.
[Image: 9e1e4104695a806925250ba41c61e4c2.jpg]

I've done 9 of them and pretty much none of them ever felt like it did to summit Longs.

(07-30-2016, 08:04 PM)Lead Junkie Wrote: That's pretty awesome.


(08-04-2016, 08:18 AM)mfinley919 Wrote: Congratulations! That's a great accomplishment!

thank you, appreciate it. Very proud of myself.

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