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Jefferson County and firearms
Hi all!

I'm going to be moving to CO soon, and it'll be the place I remain for a good long while or indefinitely (see my username Bacondance ). I've always wanted to move to CO, been there a LOT. Finally gonna make the big step.

I've been browsing through this forum and other sites, but I wanted to throw this quick question out there to see if anyone has any specifics. I've seen that Denver county is no good for firearm owners. I have no concerns when it comes to what I am allowed to have (mag size, firearms, etc). I plan to buy a place out in the foothills west or NW/SW of the city proper and I'm taking a hard look at Jefferson County. I plan to get a place on 2-4 acres, possibly a little more. My question is pretty straight forward: Can I shoot on my property in Jefferson County? Are there any laws regarding required land size? I understand that there are common sense factors such as don't shoot toward neighbors, always use a backstop, etc, and I understand (and don't desire to) I am not to go shooting random wildlife on my property unless it's hunting season, permits, etc. I just want to know where the best place to buy is within reasonable driving distance to the Denver area where I can still do target practice, bows, etc, without worry about violating any general laws.

Any cited ordinances are helpful! I've tried to dig but came up mostly empty-handed.

Thanks everyone! Draw
As far as I know, it's legal if you're in some unincorporated areas in JeffCo. Some areas are off-limits. But if you're in the boundaries of a municipality, most around here won't allow the discharge of a firearms unless at a range or in self defense. See this map for areas that are incorporated and/or forbidden by county to shoot.

So, if you're in such, you theoretically could build a range on your property; it's been done before (thought not in JeffCo that I know of). But there are a lot of regulatory items you have to take into consideration.
Lakewood, CO
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