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Email notifications?
It seems I'm not getting email notifications for threads I'm suscribed to?
So when I come into the forum it's difiicult to remember what I was involved with since I can't use the "view new posts" and "view today's posts".
Did you check your spam fileter? We were having notification issues and I was pretty sure I got them fixed. I just checked the account I use for notifications and they are all coming through.

Is anyone else having problems again?
Nothing in my spam folders. But I did all of the sudden receive all of my notifications last night after I went to bed for some reason? So for whatever reason they all got to me, just late is all.
Weirdness. You broke it.
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When in doubt. JFC.

Seems to be working OK now? Guess it just had to get warmed up to me before it worked normally? lol
Well, have you tried to check the spam folder of your email maybe the email notification has received in the spam folder? However, you can try also to check in the settings of a spam filter of your email that you are using. However you can try to search in online by using some search engine like google and yahoo.

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