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Maryland Decision
This is an important decision yesterday from the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals striking down as unconstitutional Maryland's 2013 Firearms Safety law that banned semi-automatic rifles and limited magazine capacity.

It will be interesting to see whether Courts in Colorado, who are considering similar issues with the magazine capacity law, follow this precedent or ignore it.
Just to clarify, the Court of Appeals actually sent the case back to the district court with directions to apply strict Constitutional scrutiny to the law, which usually results in overturning the law as unconstitutional.
It's a certainly positive sign, but unfortunately several other appellate courts have ruled that strict scrutiny is not necessary in these cases. Maybe someday SCOTUS will take a case and make a final decision, and hopefully it will be in our favor.
Here's an excellent analysis of the decision by Colorado's own Dave Kopel.

Kolbe v. Hogan: 4th Circuit requires strict scrutiny for Maryland ban on magazines and semiautomatics
I can't get the link to load. I'll read the analysis by Dave.

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