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Muslim Demographics
I am ready to do my part to have as many man-children as possible... or do all I can to try. :D

All kidding aside, I've seen similar videos at the National Christian Missionary Conferences held in the United States. The problem isn't immigration, it isn't Islam (necessarily) and it's not the previous generation.

The problem is the obsession of the almighty dollar. That is an American dream but it is being followed at the cost of the family... when a family unit is weakened to the point that the American culture's family is weakened, you have a break down in culture.

Men are emasculated by culture and expected to bend to the absolute will of women. Don't believe me? Watch any commercial about any product. The man is the idiot, the man is the one being hit by his spouse, the man is the one with a Poop eating grin on his face while the mom is the one rolling her eyes and belittling her 'man'.

Boys are sent to schools where pocket knives, toy guns and anything turned into the purpose of a toy gun has zero tolerance policies. They forget how to rough house, taught that hugging and ONLY hugging is the way to solve problems and that they must focus on New Age garbage.

Revisionist history is taught that everything done in America's name has been evil. 'We' stole land from this people group, 'we' killed this species of plant/animal and the same 'we' should be punished for the crimes of people who probably aren't even related to us.

I expect and prepare for the worst but hope it does not come to a modern war against the two cultures. We are very different and always will be. Diversity can flourish and exist in America but not with out a lot of assimilation.
“I do not love the bright sword for it's sharpness, nor the arrow for it's swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.”
I can only agree.

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