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Executive Actions
This was in today’s New York Times®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news

The gist of the article is that in the wake of recent shootings in Oregon, Colorado and California, the White House wants to take executive actions that rely on the President’s powers and bypass the legislative process that would require Congressional action.  The heart of what the President wants is to impose regulations on high-volume gun dealers to require more stringent background checks and other measures.

The graphic is really interesting as it lists where various mass shooters got their guns and how many of them had been handled for mental illness or criminal issues that should have prevented them from buying guns in the first place.  But, even though such laws were in place, the government did not enforce them.

The effort to define high-volume gun dealers is related to Hillary Clinton’s (our next President IMHO) call to repeal the shield law that protects gun dealers and manufacturers from liability for the use of guns they made or sold.  This was pushed during Bill Clinton’s Presidency.  The idea was that if liability could attach to high volume dealers and manufacturers, then government could prosecute them and force a settlement like they did with the tobacco industry – all outside the legislative process.  As an extreme example, the government could prosecute Ruger and say “We’ll agree to drop our prosecution if you agree to only manufacture smart guns.”  The range of demands would only be limited by the imagination of the Justice Department and virtually unconstrained by the 2nd Amendment.
If hillary were to get elected I could seea push for an all out ban and confiscation. Troubling times indeed.
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When in doubt. JFC.


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