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Mises Institute
This is worth reading ....  It compares the current "public health" efforts to control guns with the failed "public health" efforts to control alcohol.

The Mises Institute is a libertarian organization of economists at the University of Alabama.  Other libertarian oriented collections of economists/political scientists are found at the Cato Institute and George Mason University.  Most economists fall into the category of Chicago-school capitalists, like Milton Friedman (libertarians are to the right of Friedman), Keynesians (who believe that giverment deficit spending and taxes are the best policies for "managing" the economy),  and socialists like Karl Marx (who believe that markets yield socially undesirable results and thus, control over productive assets should be vested in a benevolent giverment).  Our giverment officials -- at all levels -- probably philosophically falls somewhere between Keynesians and socialists.

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