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State Laws on Gun Ownership by the Mentally Ill
With the shootings in the news involving obviously mentally ill individuals (not to mention the administrative actions already taken by the VA and under consideration by the Social Security Administration), I would expect to see efforts to enact legislation to restrict firearms possession by mentally ill persons.

This is a good site for a summary on state legislation on this topic.  The NCSL is what state lawmakers usually reference when considering what new laws to propose.

Note there are no mental illness restrictions in place in Colorado on gun ownership (other than the federal law).  From where I sit, a common denominator in shootings by the mentally ill has been the use of psychotropic drugs by shooters (both prescribed by docs and illegally obtained).  The drugs can have bizarre side effects and probably lower individual inhibitions on horrific acts.  Maybe lawmakers should look into how those drugs are supervised rather than call for more background checks and criminalizing the law abiding gun owning community.
I'd much rather politicians, anti-gun groups and American citizens focus on the mental state of people when it comes to gun ownership than on blanket policies effecting all citizens. Bringing the discussion to focus on the individual is where all of us should be doing our best to focus the issue.

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