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Travel and Carry
I will be going to Montana and specifically the Glacier National Park area for a few weeks. At some point we are going to spend a few nights in Canada. Is it possible for a gun shop in Montana to hold a weapon while I travel into Canada? Has anyone done this or have any suggestions on what to do as bringing a weapon across the border is a really bad idea. Any help/experience would be greatly appreciated.
It should be no problem for someone with an FFL to store your gun for you , they can legally take on consignment guns and guns for repair.
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(07-03-2015, 04:54 PM)gpamickey Wrote: Is it possible for a gun shop in Montana to hold a weapon while I travel into Canada?

It would be my understanding that any FFL that holds a gun for you will have to run the normal background checks before they can return your gun to you. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong about this.

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I would think that once he enters it into his bound book, he would require you to fill out a 4473 and pass a background check. Then there is the problem if it is a handgun, he couldn't transfer it to you because you aren't a Montana resident. There are legal ways to take firearms into Canada, I would imagine a google search will provide you with the information.
Thanks for the responses. I was wondering about having to go through the background check, which is no problem. Not being able to tranfer it back to me because I am not a resident could be a problem. Trasporting it into Canada isn't really an option. Fairly complicated and difficult. I'll contact an FFL dealer in Montana to see what my option are.
I don't believe an FFL holder has to enter your gun into his books or do a background check , mainly because they don't have to for guns they repair for their customers.
I mailed my 700 Remington off to a gun shop for warranty repair in California and it never left my ownership.
You could drop it at the gun shop for a cleaning and pick it up a few days later and the owner would never know he was just holding it for you.
But .....the advice you get on this forum is worth the price you paid for it, better just google the ATF web site and get it from the horses mouth.
I have heard the thing to do is take it to a shop for cleaning. I don't think it's a transfer then. IANAL, verify.
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I wonder if a bank would rent a safety deposit box short term??
(07-06-2015, 07:55 PM)F350 Wrote: I wonder if a bank would rent a safety deposit box short term??

I seem to recall seeing a rule saying you weren't allowed to store firearms in your safe deposit box.

Now, how they would know you violated it is another question.

Generally, though banks charge a LOT of money and require a lot of paperwork for a safe deposit box, and many restrict them to account holders.
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