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Remington700 recall
Has anyone sent a 700 rifle back to Remington for the trigger recall yet?
We are doing all the Remington warranty work in Colorado, (Since April), and we have done approx 20 of the trigger updates and have approx 30 more rifles in the shop waiting for triggers to come in from Remington. The factory sends out the triggers in batches, (divvies up the available production between all the authorized service centers), so every 10 to 12 weeks we are supposed to get a bulk shipment. We are due for a batch right now.

The trigger update is an XMark Pro adjustable and when they are in in stock the turn around time is pretty quick.

Before we took over the Remington Authorized Service Center for Colorado, (Remington, Bushmaster, DPMS, Marlin, Para, and H&R), guns were being shipped to California for service. Although most folks are shipping their guns to us for warranty work, we will take walk in's. Just call and confirm before coming down, in case we're out test firing or training.
I have a Rem 700, when I heard of the problem I just took it as an excuse to put in a Timney trigger.
And I may do just that.
I have received the box and packing materials from Rem but, I haven't sent it in yet.

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