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A question for any police officers in the Denver Metro Area
Attitude is everything in dealing with LEO. Several here have real attitudes, in a poor sense, politically as well as personally. Colorado apparently does not obligate a driver to immediately volunteer the information, but if questioned must reply truthfully, i.e. yes, officer, there is a handgun, loaded, next to me for my personal defense. How would you like me to proceed?
From his/her perspective, empathize for a second - they are vulnerable every single time they approach a stopped car. Most of the time they have stopped you, so already are checking license, etc. and considering your appearance, what got you stopped, etc. along with assessing your behaviors, odd movements, messing with unseen areas and objects below their field of vision - get it? The sad truth is practically anyone could shoot a LEO from the driver's position, so behaving reasonably and obligingly is the best strategy. Acting polite, respectful, cooperative carries so much more positive communication than does being defensive, confrontational, uncivil, disrespectful, challenging legal authority out of the gate, and so on.
I find it disturbing when gun advocates are also somewhat anti-LE, as in dissing their expertise, skillsets, position below themselves on the hierarchy of Noble Protectors of Civilization. Most of you will enjoy the freedom to pose as soldiers of fortune, while the LEO has to live in uncertainty as a constant. The inconvenient fact is, there are several other equal rights they are obligated to protect and respect beyond just the second.

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