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Occupy BATFE
Hello All,

I'm looking for interest from people who would be interested in starting a day called; possibly, "Occupy BATFE" the purpose would be to raise awareness of new laws and executive orders against shooters and the second amendment. I'd like for it to be done in towns and cities with a BATFE office and the purpose would be to simply raise awareness, show angry patriots and communicate why they are angry, and to hand deliver a letter to the head of every office that is occupied for a short while that day. This would have no link to the occupy movement we would just be stealing their name in order to get attention.
If this is done it would be done within the law, from grassroots, and prayerfully communicated well.

Please respond to this post with suggestions and ideas and contact me if you are located in a city with a BATFE office and you'd be interested in heading this up in your town.
For a start we already have Charlotte, NC and Denver, CO leaders stepping up.

When the gov't started going after the firearms they backed down because of outcry now they are going through the backdoor after ammunition. We need to be louder.


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