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boo hoo The Colorado Road and Community Safety Act defunded!
Thank you republicans and especially Bob Rankin. Little to almost no money left to fund driver's licenses, for illegal aliens will force the closure of 4 of the 5 locations that illegals could go to get a driver's license issued. Along with the closures the existing work load means the next available appointment for an illegal to get is March 2016.

Thanks again republicans, the voters voted you in and now you're doing your job short circuiting the democrats ridiculous undermining of America.

I can not even begin to imagine the hypocrsisy and outrage the family members of people like Nicolas Ivie, a US border patrol agent who lost his life needlessly guarding the US border between the US and Mexico feel when they have a loss of their father, brother or husband in the line of duty to know that in Colorado those same people whom their loved one died keeping out we give drivers licenses to.

[Image: images?]
Driver's licenses to anyone and American citizenship to anyone as well. And there's little (if any) outrage from We the People re: either (or illegal kids in American Public Schools, illegal "parents" and their anchor-babies, and all the other hallmarks of a nation in decline.

The Roman Empire degenerated like that, too (except for driver's licenses of course) but besides giving citizenship out so easily, they ALSO let just about anyone into their military (also like America) -- and its days were numbered as its decline began.

We know how it ended.

America is just a modern version of the very same downward-spiral process...with most so-called "Americans" nowadays in either oblivious to what's happening, welcoming it (liberals embracing diversity), or in denial about it.
Not to forget there is a third class of people...non-citizens here legally. I know they're not at issue here, but the way I sometimes hear people talk (e.g., "There shouldn't be driver's licenses for non-citizens!") it's pretty clear that sometimes we forget. What's worse is the other side will now claim you are anti-ANY foreigner, even legal resident aliens. Be careful, please, how you phrase it (unless, of course, you really do want to legally resident aliens like crap as well).

I do believe a photo id should be required to vote. It's not an onerous burden despite the puling from the Left, but heck, provide a non-driver's license for FREE if necessary to make it as easy as possible for actual citizens to vote. But make sure it denotes whether one is a citizen or a resident alien on it. And don't give it to illegals.
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