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2015 Pro 2A bills in the works.
Looks like the Senate will try again to hold hearings on the magazine capacity limit on Monday, March 9, 1:30PM Room 271.  This is Senate Bill 15-175.

I know I'm a nagging PITA, but it is important that the pro-2nd Amendment community show up and testify as law enforcement and the anti-gun people will show up in force to testify that anyone with a magazine capacity greater than 15 rounds will eventually commit a crime.

If you do not belong to the NRA, there is an excellent column in this month's publications by Wayne LaPierre "Don't Buy their Lies: "Universal Background Checks" Mean Gun Registration, Gun Bans and Confiscation"  Here's a link to the article:

The article cites examples of states where they enacted registration and magazine capacity limits, and eventually required gun owners to turn in or destroy firearms capable of accepting high capacity magazines.  That's where we're head in Colorado since many in our government and law enforcement believe gun owners are criminal wanna-bes.
Did anyone attend the hearing yesterday on the magazine capacity bill?

Life got in the way of my attendance as I've been dealing with my parents' health issues.
No. Work prevents me.
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When in doubt. JFC.

(03-14-2015, 08:03 AM)Beau Wrote: No. Work prevents me.

As most of us.

I hate it when my elected officials send me notices that "really important stuff is happening" and invite me to their meetings, scheduled 10 AM at multiple locations on only weekdays.

And I've told them so.

I don't know how you can ever claim to represent the "working class" and not work nights to meet with the majority of them.

I know there's shift work that happens at night and did it for long time. Nowadays I've traded that for a job that really doesn't ever end, it just slows down at 5 and let's me sleep most nights, unless there's a project.

Then the project is night work while still maintaining day hours.

But man, politicians scheduling time to see constituents and get feedback only between 8-5 M-F really chaps my hide.
Because, Denver Pilot, only retirees and the unemployed matter. (Both classes of people totally dependent on a government check, and who will vote accordingly.)
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For all ...

The reality of politics, especially in Colorado, is that politicians need only pander to a very small proportion of the population (usually less than 1-3%) since most people do not vote and do not engage in any political activities.  Go to your local Republican or Democrat central committee meeting and count the pathetic number of people who regularly attend.  Go to any legislative hearing, regulatory agency hearing, or city council meeting and what you'll typically see is government employees and paid lobbyists testifying, not real people. 

If you want to learn about politics -- and I guarantee that it will all be stuff you did not want to know -- try running for office, any office.

That voter apathy and utter disengagement is what creates a class of career politicians that move from one political job to another and don’t care whether they appeal to the general population, ‘cause they don’t have to.

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