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Anonymous more powerful than the CIA
The hacking group Anonymous has started hacking and taking down jihadist and terrorists social media accounts and websites. WTF has taken so long for this to happen and why hasn't the CIA done this since 9-11?

Quote:Hackers claiming to be with the group Anonymous say they have hacked a jihadist website in retaliation for the terror attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.
The website, a French jihadist site, currently redirects to Duck Duck Go, a search engine. Hackers using the Twitter handle @OpCharlieHebdo claimed responsibility.

Anonymous also named dozens of Twitter accounts that the hacktivist group says belong to jihadists.
The hackers posted the Twitter handles on Pastebin, a website that lets people post information anonymously online.
On Friday, Anonymous members announced hacking operation "#OpCharlieHebdo, declaring war on Islamic extremists.

In a video posted on YouTube, the group of hackers said they would track down websites and social media networks linked to terrorists, and take them down.
"We, Anonymous around the world, have decided to declare war on you the terrorists," it said.
Anonymous said the video was a message for "al Qaeda, the Islamic State and other terrorists," and promised to avenge the deaths in last week's attack.
Anonymous has hacked websites belonging to government departments, companies and other organizations.
My guess is because "the authorities" don't know how...don't have the expertise in hacking, tracking, re-routing/bouncing off MANY global servers to obfuscate their trails and hence their actual locations (not to mention their encryption skills) -- or to reverse engineer all that to FIND someone -- and so on. They probably can't even code sophisticated viruses or Trojans.

Seems the bad guys are usually WAY ahead of the good guys technology-wise -- and how to use it. It's one reason the good guys occasionally hire some "reformed" bad guys (usually after they get caught and plea-bargain) to help the good guys catch up. But any "catching up" is only temporary, as the bad guys surge ahead shortly. Back to Square One for the good guys. I guess it's the only way to learn it -- from hackers -- as it's probably not taught in school, especially not for a typical CIS degree, I'm sure.

The Russians seem to be brilliant at least they are then it comes to hacking bank computers and making "unauthorized withdrawals" of millions of Euros...or is it Rubles, or even American Dollars. I hope the Swiss banks have taken "precautions" -- if THEY even know how to.

Whatever, the Russian criminal hackers are brilliant and have been for YEARS now (the Chinese and N. Koreans are the new kids to the game). Our gov't should hire some Russians! ;-)

за Родину!
LOL at your very last sentence.

Our government can't even fricking stomp out "Rachel From Card Member Services" so I don't imagine they can do jack about this other stuff.
Known as SteveInCO on national fora (changed it here because "in Colorado" is the default).

CZ-75, Glock 20, Mossberg 590, S&W M&P AR-15, PTR-91, DSA FAL, Springfield M1A... and lots of other goodies.
When presented with a terrorist threat, the reaction of our government and law enforcement generally is to restrict the basic freedoms of law abiding US citizens rather than target the perpetrators. See this as the latest example ...

Al Qaeda publishes a recipe for bomb making, and rather than go after that group, the law enforcement response is to randomly search everyone at the airport. Can't be discriminatory. So much for the 4th Amendment. It was just an advisory part of the Constitution and we can all agree to give it up in the interests of security. Bs

The best thing to stifle terrorism is not the actions (or inactions) of the CIA or the TSA, but the collapse of oil prices (thanks to fracking, directional drilling and 3d seismic mapping) so that fewer petro dollars flow through the Saudi royal family, ISIS and Iran to terrorists who want to roll the world back to the 7th century.

If you want a primer on the roots of Islamic terrorism, I recommend The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11, by Lawrence Wright.
I dream of a world when the US no longer imports any oil and the middle east collapses slowly back to the stone age as their oil revenue based society collapses upon itself. With no oil the middle east is just a nice repository of ancient ruins and a whole lot of sand.

Venezuela is a nice case study of what the future could hold for the middle east, that house of cards is collapsing slowly but surely.

Of course it's only a matter of time before Obama issues an executive order to spend US tax dollars to bail them out.
Who's to say it's really Anonymous? Anonymous is just that... anonymous. They make for a great disinformation cover story if you don't piss them off.
We'll reach a point where the word "anonymous" will mean ONLY that group and we'll need a new word for the concept of anonymity.
Known as SteveInCO on national fora (changed it here because "in Colorado" is the default).

CZ-75, Glock 20, Mossberg 590, S&W M&P AR-15, PTR-91, DSA FAL, Springfield M1A... and lots of other goodies.
Judging by the number of posters claiming to be Anonymous on Twitter who mostly look like they have the IQ of a really bright turtle, I doubt we are in for anything other than using it as a nickname for any ne'er do well who wants to pretend we can't find their IP address and Internet provider. LOL
Don't underestimate the power of a really bright turtle. For one example, they voted for Obama (twice) and have been/still are the majority in America. As they wish, so goes America. And it's going -- downhill.

Those of us who differ with them are an ever-decreasing minority, merely voices crying in the wilderness...during a thunderstorm so no one hears. Even if they did, they don't care/won't listen.

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