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Aimpoint PRO Amazon deal
Noticed Amazon has the Aimpoint PRO on sale for Black Friday for $370 and change, and it's Prime eligible, if anyone has been thinking about a red dot.

The PRO isn't as new or small (or expensive) as their newer offerings, but it's the original quality that got them where they are today.

(Be nice if you're an EOTech fan... Heh...)

Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic

It's about $50-$80 off of what you'd find it for locally and $30 lower or so than most of the other online outlets, and if you're a Prime user as we are, "free" shipping.

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Can't wait for black friday to roll around again. Thanks for the info. I'll check amazon for black friday this year, too late for last year's deals.

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