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Cherry Creek Gun Club(the indoor range) any members here?
Any CCGC members on this forum? It's a private club located on the east side of Denver that currently has openings monthly. It has an indoor 25 yard pistol(20 stations and never crowded). It also has an indoor(under ground) 100yrd rifle "tube" Non members can show up Tuesday nights and shoot steel reactive bowling pin plates in an organized group setting. 2700 Bullseye matches every month, Jr rifle league, air pistol league. I was a member 8-10 years ago and just joined again two months ago. Open 24 hours to members, you get a key and can go any time you want for as long as you want.
I'd love to know more about them before I plunk down the money. Are shotguns allowed? Any ammo restrictions?
(10-16-2014, 08:39 PM)Joe Manco Wrote: Non members can show up Tuesday nights and shoot steel reactive bowling pin plates in an organized group setting. 

How does that work? Sounds interesting
Always thought their tube idea was neat, apparently it's installed under their parking lot. Never been there.
how much is the membership?
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