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Get-Together Suggestion
I've never gone to one of these, but perhaps this is the year!

Rocky Mountain Machine Gun Shoot, Last Chance, CO, April 29 - May 1.
The family and I have been wanting to attend one of these for quite some time now.
I just keep avoiding it because I know it would cost me a grand in rentals by the time I was done. :-/

Speaking of which, anyone been to one and have an idea on what the rentals can cost?
I was told around a buck a round for things like AK's, Tommy guns and such. $5-7 a round for .50 BMGs.
I've kind of figured at least as much as that. :-/

And at full auto.......That's gonna gonna get pricey quick! :-(
I know. This is why I'm still on the fence about attending. I think I will have to take a set amount of $'s and no credit cards or check book. This will only work if I attend on the last day.
Exactly what I was thinking as far as what day to attend. :-/
Plus I have the added expense of the wife and daughter who are both gun nuts. :-/
meh. Leave em' home. Call it guys day out.
Ya right! They'd kill me if I went to something like that without them! LOL

My wife was a gun kid when I met her, but I've since officially turned her into a gun nut. And my daughter didn't have much of a choice growing up. It was either become a gun nut or hate guns from being over exposed. ;-)
So they want to go have fun at one of these events almost as much as I do. :-/
Well your a lucky man.

And after the shoot you'll be a lucky but broke man.
Now you understand my dillema. :-/ LOL

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