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Benchmade Infidel
if you havent seen one of these, you need to. fantastic knife.
Sig Sauer P250 .40 S&W sub-compact
Trijicon night sights
(3) 10 round magazines.

Remington 870 12 ga. pump shotgun
Uncle Mike's Sling Mounts & Hooks | 15 shell sling | 56 shell bandolier | 25 shell belt | 4 chokes | Synthetic Black
10 shot Briley Extension Tube | Plano takedown hardcase

Custom Built AR-15
Surplus Arms & Ammo AR-15 Lower | 5.56 NATO or .223 compatible |
UTG 6 pt adjustable rear stock and buffer spring | Leapers UTG 3x12x44 SWAT Accushot - EZ Tap w/ illuminated reticle |
UTG Adjustable bi-pod | UTG ring scope mounts | Blackthorne 5.56 NATO Upper w/ 20" Bull Varmint Stainless Steel Barrel |
Magpul handguards w/ Delta Ring conventional gas tube setup (no piston) | Chrome Del-ton Bolt Carrier Group | DMPS Charging Handle |
DMPS Trigger | Magpul Trigger Guard | ProMag AR-15/M4 Heavy Duty Recoil Pad | 3 point SWAT Sling and sling hooks |
Nebo Tactical Flashlight and Laser Combo | 3 magpul picatinny rail mounts | Tactical Ergonomic Pistol Grip |
TMS Sling Swivel w/ Base | (20) - 30 round magazines |

It's a Benchmade and therefore I am sure its quality is pretty doggone good (and for that price it had better be!). I'll check it out

I doubt that it's legal carry in CO, given that it's "auto". You can get close to that with an assist (like on a Barrage) and still be legal.
Known as SteveInCO on national fora (changed it here because "in Colorado" is the default).

CZ-75, Glock 20, Mossberg 590, S&W M&P AR-15, PTR-91, DSA FAL, Springfield M1A... and lots of other goodies.
(07-15-2014, 11:13 AM)HannahBearCo Wrote: if you havent seen one of these, you need to. fantastic knife.

That knife would be nice to go with my Noveske Infidel N4 rifle!! Same name Infidel!!

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Just can't see dropping that much $$$ on a knife.

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