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What exactly is the process of obtaining a Class III license? Ive heard from one side that its a very extensive process, and then from others Ive heard its a simple fee.

Any information you guys might have would be appreciated. I'm looking to get into suppressors, but i don't know what sort of roadblock im looking at legally.
It's not as simple as a fee but it's not an extensive process either. It's more time consuming than anything.

If you order online they send you the forms to fill out. You fill them out and send them in with your $200 donation. And then you wait...and......wait...... From what I can gather it's mostly a wait game. I have not purchased one yet so I am going by what I hear. If/when you're approved the online dealer ships your item to the class III FFL of your choice where you go in and pick it up.

If you purchase from a store they should have the paperwork there for you to fill out and I believe they send it in for you, not sure on that though. And then you wait.....and.....wait......

As we don't have any class III gurus on this site yet I would suggest going here to ask questions.

Also you need two passport size photos to send in with you Form4. A signature from your local LEO's office may be required as well.
Where can you carry? Check the editable COGO Carry Map
When in doubt. JFC.

id recommend
Another excellent site is

Just go to the BATF web site,they pretty much spell it out for you.

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