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Forest Service: Closing areas to shooting is sound recreational management
Story in the Evergreen Canyon Courier. It shows up for me now but might be behind the paywall at some point.

There's a popular shooting area up on Hwy 103 near Squaw Pass.

"A plan to close a 400,000-acre zone of land in the foothills to recreational shooting would help the U.S. Forest Service manage the sport the way it does other recreation on public lands, according to an official.

U.S. Forest Service officials are suggesting closing public lands to shooting in an area known as the “wildland-urban interface,” which is mostly near homes in the foothills of the Front Range.

...At the same time, U.S. Forest Service officials plan to work with county officials in the region to create more designated shooting range areas. Officials have met numerous times as an ad-hoc group to work on the project."
A ratio of 5 new designated shooting areas for every one they close would be something I could get behind.

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