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Trying to find some mags for an STI Elektra
I picked up an STI Elektra in 9mm, only comes with one magazine, and it's almost turning into a tragic comedy in trying to find some extra mags.

I've called STI 3 times, 3 times they give me referrals to call for the mags and struck out all 3 times, either on long back order for STI mags and one number was disconected. I'm tired of calling STI, they may make some great firearms but the people there suck when it comes to this issue.

I don't need STI mags, according to them any officers model mag in 9mm will work.

I've struck out at Cabelas and Grand Prix Guns. Where would you go to find a good selection of mags? Thinking Sportsmans Warehouse, looking for other ideas of where to go, getting tired of wasting time with this
Unfortunately you'll probably have to order online with a company that allows back orders. Then wait and wait and wait.

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