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Dumb luck wins again
Ordered a bunch of .45 acp ammo from Cabellas about a month ago. Was their Herters Select grade stuff, reloadable brass / copper fmj. Ordered it for $21.99 a box. Wasn't an amazing deal, but I wasn't finding brass ammo any cheaper anywhere else, so I ordered 10 boxes. Finally got by cabellas today to pick it up, and just after doing in-store pickup on the ammo, looked thru a special sales flyer, and it had the same herters listed for $18.99 a box. Checked the ammo shelf, and of course they didn't have any more. But went up to the customer service desk and they refunded me the difference between my online order price and the sale price. Think the sale ends today. Online price still shows the 21.99 price.

This will keep my 1911 fed for another month or two.
That's awesome. Even at the original price that's still the best pricing I've seen for quite some time.
Where can you carry? Check the editable COGO Carry Map
When in doubt. JFC.

I stopped in to Wallyworld looking for cheap 40
Practice ammo. I haven't moved my Dillon with me yet so all I had was 22lr and 44ACP. Most or the 40 was ~$20/50 but I found boxes of 100 for $30 ea. I haven't bought 40 for practice in over 15 years and when I did cheap was $6-7/50. Ammo makers are raking in the dough.

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