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PSA: (People's Status Updates)
(11-11-2015, 06:20 PM)Beau Wrote: Awesome! I know I won't be able to go up much this year, maybe a couple times. Looking forward to getting a board under my feet.

have you done it before? or need lessons?
(11-11-2015, 06:38 PM)HannahBearCo Wrote: have you done it before?  or need lessons?

Done it before. I'm no expert but I can stay upright for the most part. Last year I only got to go three times. The year before that I was able to go 2-3 times a month.
Where can you carry? Check the editable COGO Carry Map
When in doubt. JFC.

Trying not to loose my mind over all this nonsense legislation being introduced.     Wallbash Wallbash Wallbash Wallbash Wallbash Wallbash

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