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Front Range Gun Club - AMAZING RANGE!
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Went up to visit my son today, his usual range in Fort Collins was closed for new years. I found the website for Front Range Gun Club in Loveland. Called them up, and they were open normal hours.

It's a members only range, but they do allow you to do an "explorers" pass to try it out, only allowed 2 explorers passes. A little pricey for the explorers pass, $20 per person, but unlimited time. I really wish I lived closer, I'd have joined up right there on the spot. Beautiful range, really nice setup, great people.

The lanes are really nice. 25 yards max range. 15 lanes. Each shooting position is nice and wide, and feels wider because the shooting positions are seperated by ballistic resistant glass. Nice bench in the shooting position, and a large bench/shelves setup behind the shooting positions to put your gear, reload magazines, etc.

Nice electronic targets, just punch in the feet distance you want and hit Go, and it takes the target out. Bringing it back in is also nice, it comes in quick, and slows down nice and smooth to get it all the way back without whipping it around.

It's got an "electronic eye" if anyone manages to reach in front of the firing line under the shooting bench. All targets rotate 90 degrees on a cease fire call, so even if you didn't hear it, you'd know right away.

I didn't compare prices on guns in the shop, but their ammo prices are as good or better than any retail or mail order I've seen. $13.50 for 50 rounds 9mm, $20 for 50 rounds of 45. $16.50 for 50 rounds of 40. And apparently those prices are good for members or non-members. Was all name brand ammo, PMC, blazer, blazer brass.

The staff were all very professional, very nice, didn't get treated differently even knowing we were new to the range. Several "range safety officers" walking the lanes, so they keep a good eye on things. Any gun not in the shooting positions needed to be clear the action locked open.

It's definitely the nicest range I've been to. Looking forward to going back.

And since I've mentioned policies of other ranges: CC or open carry completely fine, but any gun not cleared and locked open needs to be in the holster or in a case unless in the firing position. I was CC'ing, my son was open carrying. Both of us just kept it in the holster until at the firing line, and reloaded and reholstered at the firing line. Very logical, very sensible, and very safe.
+1 on the above post. This range is great, made that way by the excellent staff. Only reason I'm no longer a member is I moved too far south of Loveland. They are expanding I was told recently, so it should be getting even better.
$20 a day is outrageous.
About the going rate, give or take. The shootist charges $18 unlimited time.
Applaud their non-hypocritical view on open and concealed carry!
(09-26-2014, 09:28 PM)rootbrain Wrote: About the going rate, give or take. The shootist charges $18 unlimited time.

I agree it's pretty typical, maybe a couple bucks over the average, but I think their price for non members isn't meant to be completely competitive. It's intended as a way for a non-member to get to check them out before joining. For the quality of the facilities, I'd go there all the time if they were closer to home. Of course if I lived closer I'd become a member and not worry about the daily rate.

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