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Ultrasonic cleaners
I spent a couple of hours of my sunday cleaning several of my firearms. While I do get a certain amount of enjoyment from cleaning them, I think I'd be tempted to go to the range more often if I could reduce the time commitment required.

It got me to thinking about quicker and easier alternatives. I see Hornady sells several models of ultrasonic cleaners, intended for cleaning both used brass and small gun parts. Has anyone had experience with these? Do they work well? Are they worth the expense?
And will they clean the bore?
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We have an industrial unit at work that is also heated , I have used to clean brass and parts , it will remove most burnt powder and carbon buildup but i would really doubt that it would have any effect on copper or lead in a barrel.

I have not tried to clean a barrel so that is a guess.
I also use large sonication bath at work, and it does a great job breaking up crud, but also depends on the solvent you soak them in. And the larger the bath, the more wasted solvent.

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