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ATI stock for SKS problems.
So I bought the ATI Strikeforce stock for my SKS. During installation I ran into a few bumps which is to be expected.

My first issue is with installing the trigger group. It was a bear to get it in. It was quite a bit harder than the installation on the factory stock. Also, the provided release spring seemed to be a bit to long but then I noticed that the hole the spring sits in was fouled with what appears to be plastic junk left over from when the stock was molded.

Next is the upper hand guard. The one that came with the kit is to long to fit. Even with a bit gentle forcing. By gentle force I mean I broke the rivet in the rear of the gas tube assembly that holds the upper hand guard. The rivet can be easily replaced but I'm worried about the hand guard because I'm going to have to trim down both ends in order to make it fit. I'm not sure this can be done without breaking the piece or marring it noticeably.

Last of all, and this one is a bit irritating. The magazine, original or aftermarket, does not fit in the stock. I can understand having to file or dremel a few spots for fit but that won't work here. The problem is that there is not enough room where the hinge of the magazine is to be inserted. Filing will not fix this. A portion of the stock will have to be cut away. I worry that doing this will create a weak spot in the stock.
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When in doubt. JFC.

I had the same problems but nothing a Dremel can't fix. Come on now this isn't a SCAR you're working on it's a $100 SKS! I think the stock costs almost as much as the real cost of the gun. I never got the 30 rounders to run so I just stuck with the 20s. If you take it to a smith, he'll charge you more than the gun was worth. You can make it work but you'll have to slow down. I'm not making light of it but you can only go so far making a silk purse out of a sows ear. My old room mate took a nice Elk from 150 yds with an SKS and iron sights. Good luck and share some pics of the final product.
Well I got the mags to seat. However, there is a feeding issue with the Tapco 20 round mags. Tends to jam on the rounds feeding from the right side of the mags. Haven't had time to really look at it to see what can be done.

Haven't had time to work on the upper hand guard either. Actuality I like the look of the single wood piece with the rest black synthetic.

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When in doubt. JFC.

I know this is an old thread, but soon I will be receiving a Tapco stock for the 2nd (and most recent) SKS I have purchased (although first erroneously shipped to my old TX address, it should be on its way to me here in CO).

The METAL of this 2nd SKS is outstanding and even looks to be unfired (even though there is some storage-wear/rust spots here & there on it). The STOCK, however, is REALLY bad, and I've spent way too much time on trying to get it decent I'm just about to give up. I've fixed the serious crack (completely cracked through the receiver area), and can deal with all the scrapes & gouges in it, but the cosmoline in the wood probably will never come out, and it ruins any finish I try to do on it. So I'll just save it (as it's a matching number stock) for posterity, but get something else to put on it for actual USE.

So...I ordered an "OD Green" color composite Tapco stock (with the forearm cut for a BLADE bayonet) and 3 Tapco 20-rd mags, also in green. No, not worried about the Tapco mags NOT working with their own Tapco stock...

I only plan to use the Tapco STOCK, however, not the mags (but wanted the mags just in case AND while I can get them, if any new laws come up to the contrary, etc.) I'll be using the original SKS fixed magazine instead. And since this is going to be a car-gun, the shorter mag will be better anyway (so the SKS can fit into a gun-sock more easily), AND for sure with a stock SKS mag, there will be no feeding issues. Further, I will be using the original SKS WOOD covered gas-tube assembly, not the "composite" Tapco one...partly because the original/stock gas tube will not interfere with the original SKS sights and partly because it ALREADY fits the SKS perfectly and I don't have to do any fitting/filing as I would if I got the Tapco gas-tube assembly. No, I prefer not to mess with removing the retaining pin on the original wood gas tube cover and switch it over the Tapco composite cover as I'd still have the sighting issue AND, I don't want to mar the original wood gas tube assembly if the pin is REALLY hard to get out -- so I just won't mess with it.

Finally, if the original metal "test tube" SKS butt-stock cleaning kit will fit in the Tapco adjustable stock tube, it will go in there...if not, then it will go (wrapped in a small cleaning rag and maybe a small toohbrush) in the Tapco's pistol-grip storage area.

I'm almost finished installing serious "tethering connectors" (for a special 3/8" link hardened chain to go around my front seat rails) on my 2 Ft. Knox Pistol Boxes (the Ft. Knox "Auto" and the Ft. Knox "Personal" models), that will also be in my car to hold SKS ammo AND extra ammo for my OC carry gun. The smaller PB will be mainly for the ammo, and the larger PB will be mostly empty so it'll have extra space for my netbook, camera, GPS device, and whatever other small but valuable items that must be left in the car -- in case I am in an area that is more likely to have smash & grabs happening. Or, if I go somewhere I am not allowed to even CARRY a gun on me (OC or CC) -- like the US Post Office, VA Medical Clinics, etc.. The SKS also will be tethered to a front seat rail like the PBs will.

So hopefully, my "mobile defense center & secure storage" system will operational soon. :-)

Now, when October gets here, I'll order the same (Tapco Stock with SPIKE bayonet cut and 3 Tapco 20-rd mags) for my OTHER SKS (my chosen platform for a home defense "repel boarders" semi-auto). Except this time, in Tapco's "Dark Earth" (light brown) I know the "green one" is the car-gun and the "brown one" is the house-gun.

Color-coordinating things often makes it easier for some Old People (!) to remember where stuff goes (no, I am not wearing different color socks...yet). ;-)
Still waiting for my Tapco stock (ordered 9-19-14): It was erroneously shipped to TEXAS (my old address) so I haven't been sure where it is as of 9-24 when there was a "delivery failure" there in Galveston! I'm not alone though: The shipper (USPS) doesn't know where it is, either. Latest data shows it going back to the Seller, so hopefully, it will be reshipped to me shortly.

In the meantime, I ordered a Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot sight for it. Will probably get a 2nd TRS-25 for my other SKS...when I get the 2nd Tapco stock, but this time I hope directly to me with no layovers in TX. ;-)

The saga continues...
I still haven't discovered a fix for my mag problem. It's one of those things I put off to the side to figure out later and never got back around to it. For now I installed the fixed 10rnd stock mag.

Hopefully you get yours before Christmas.
Where can you carry? Check the editable COGO Carry Map
When in doubt. JFC.

Well, you sure can't go wrong with the stock magazine! And I'm not just trying to rationalize that (as it might seem below)! And thanks, according to MidwayUSA re-shipping info, my "missing in Texas" order should get to me 10-9-14. :-)

When I ordered the Tapco SKS stock (9-19-14) -- and the three 20-round mags with it -- I forgot (actually, misunderstood) that the "high-capacity magazine ban" we have here in Colorado (courtesy of sorry Gov. Hickenlooper) ALSO applied to long-guns...thought it was only a handgun issue.

Ignorant me. :-(

Anyway, MidwayUSA -- when they finally got my errant package back from Texas (which as mentioned, contained 1 Tapco SKS stock and 3 20-rd Tapco mags) -- informed me they could ship my stock to me but not the 3 mags (which were legal if going to TX, but not to CO) they had to open the package, take out the 3 mags and repack it in order to reship it to me.

So the "news" (to me, as I have NO high-capacity handguns OR rifles, so I wasn't paying attention to the details of the high-capacity mag ban) was both Good & Bad.

Bad News: Obviously, I don't get my 20-rd mags to go with my Tapco stock, so I'll HAVE to use it with the original (OEM) SKS 10-rd fixed mag. But that's fine with me, as it's a more compact package (no bulky 20-rd mags to carry) and will fit into the Gun Socks/Sack-Ups I put the SKSs in. Plus, with the OEM 10-rd fixed mag, NO concern about feeding issues!

Good News: The $$ I saved by NOT getting those 3 Tapco 20-rd mags can be put towards purchasing the 2nd SKS stock I wanted for my other (first) SKS, so my CC isn't hit as hard as it would have been!

At least the original order wasn't lost in TX, as it DID get returned to MidwayUSA and is now on its way to me -- so soon I WILL have my Tapco stock...just not the Tapco mags. But that's okay...

NOTE: As for how the Tapco stick will fit my "early Chinese Ghost SKS" (and my other SKS, a Norinco/Polytech, when I get the 2nd Tapco stock for it) -- I can only hope I don't run into trouble as you have described with your ATI Strikeforce stock.

As for secure storage in my car, I have the larger Ft. Knox Pistol Box ("FTK-Personal") already installed & secured, and have ordered the special chain I use for the 2nd Ft. Knox Pistol Box ("FTK-Auto") to secure it also. And since I won't be having any 20-rd mags to store in these PBs, the limited space inside them will have just need to hold a few 10-rd stripper-clips in them (in ammo-pouches), which are a more compact way to store ammo vs. bulky mags -- which will leave extra room (empty space) for other stuff later on when needed.

...and on a side note, my Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot is on the UPS truck to be delivered today.

The MAIN thing I will have to do shortly is go out somewhere to zero-in not only the iron sights of my SKSs (both of which appear to have been unfired, so I have no idea where the sights are hitting), but also zero the TRS-25.

Question (to anyone): Is the best outdoor place to go shooting in the COS/Monument area out in the hills on Mt. Herman Rd?

If so, how far out on Mt. Herman Rd do you have to go?

Now...AFTER the November elections -- when Hickenlooper is gone -- let's see if Beauprez does ANYTHING to repeal this silly, useless, feel-good high-capacity magazine ban...which as we all know, does NOTHING to stop criminals, just causes trouble (as per infringements) for decent citizens.

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