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Cheaper than what?
(12-26-2013, 02:31 PM)DGCJason Wrote: Sorry to hear that, wasn't trying to disengage the like factor...

That being said, the prices aren't great but they're not really gouging.

Brick of 22 is $50 - 10 cents/rd
Blazer 9 is $20 - 40 cents/rd

So, not good deals at all (when 22LR should be 6 cents/rd and 9 should be 25 cents/rd), but at least there's availability

I'm across the border in Indianapolis and everywhere I've been the shelves have been pretty bare. Guess it doesn't really matter since I can't find a match to shoot and I'm only allowed 11th of ammo in the plane.

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When in doubt. JFC.

My new toy has added .45 to my ammo list... so there I'm really trying to save a few bucks. I don't reload (though I have been saving my brass for someday), so I found some .45 in the blazer aluminum cases online for $19 per box of 50, with free shipping. So $0.38 a round for .45, not too bad. Cheapest I can find it locally is walmart where I'm paying about $0.46 a round for it.

Sportsmans Guide has a coupon currently active for free shipping, no minimum, including on ammo. They've got a deal for 300 rounds of PMC 9mm for $91, and free shipping with coupon code SH1831

For those anywhere near a cabellas store, you can order online and get free in-store pickup. $13.99 for 50 rounds of the Herters Select grade (brass cases, boxer primed) 9mm. It's showing backordered, but they seem to be getting it regularly, and they'll notify you once it's available to pick up so you don't waste a trip. And I think coupon code "3REWARDS" still works for free shipping on orders over $49.

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