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truck safe
OK I'm looking for a gun safe I could put under the back seat of my truck to hold a 12g pump with 18 1/2" barrel. Anybody know of one?

Attach to the bottom of the back seat if it flips up.

You want a metal box with a lock, or is something like this sufficient? You can always spend more and get one that locks
Looking for something that locks. Would have in truck while at work or out n about. Shits getting retarded these days and never know how much extra help you might need! Cause I have my HD shortty but am wanting to get another h&r to keep in the truck. Cheap and if something were to happen to it I wouldn't be out much money. Not worried about it malfunctioning or anything cause them h&r pumps are built like tanks. Figuring fiber optic front sight with mag extension on an 18 1/2 inch barrel gun with shell holder sling and I'm good to go! Maybe 7 shot side saddle!
This thing by DU-HA looks neat. The lock is a separate deal that mounts on the seat latch.

One of the greatest fears politicians have is seeing an angry guy with lots of guns charging down the street, because they know he’s probably on his way to commit an act of voting.

Ya they don't have that in my year model. I may have my brother make something up for it. He's pretty good at that kind of thing.

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