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Girl suspended for rosary beads.
Wearing Rosary Beads to School Got Me Suspended, Texas Girl Says

Apparantly the beads violated dress code. Seems to be a good way to get around discrimination based on religion. Don't ban religious items, just make them against the dress code.

I'm getting more and more fed up with schools these days. Suspended for pointing a stick, wearing an american flag t-shirt, having an american flag on your bike, taking a wwII shell casing to school for show & tell, wearing rosary beads, having an 1/8" gun that goes to a lego toy. They need to spend more time teaching our children then making issues with every stupid thing.
Why is almost every teacher on this planet a liberal? Could it be the power we give them and let them get away with everything? Sorry for the rant this is a little personal for me.
Why are most teachers liberal you ask? Because they are part of the system. The profs that are teaching them are liberal. And even if the student leans conservative they are quickly brainwashed. Any opinion expressed that does not meet, or questions, the liberal world view will be met with lower grades and other unfair treatments from the prof.

And they are teaching our children. They are teaching them that they must absolutely obey any and all rules/laws that come from anyone that perceives themselves to be in a position of authority. Any disobedience will be met with an absolute punishment. There is no room for disagreement. There is no room for logic. They are being taught very well if you ask me.

I read a story on another forum from a dad who's' daughter was suspended for saying no to drugs. Another girl came up to her and said "look what so and so gave me." Said girl dropped a pill in her hand. She said "no thanks" and dropped it in the girls bag.

She received a five day suspension for being in possession of drugs at school.
Reason # 457 on the list of "Why You Should Home School your kids."
If you're not on a government watch list, you're not trying very hard to be an American.
well freedom of religion is a multi-faceted issue.

We dont want women here wearing Burhka or Hijab in schools.
Then on the other hand, we dont want kids carrying daggers to school. but we are forced to due to freedom of religion issues

so where is the line?
There never was a bad man that had ability for good service.

-Edmund Burke 1788-02-15

Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.
Life never forgives weaknesses.
-Adolf Hitler
You all should have seen my son's teacher's face a couple years ago when I showed up to a parent teacher conference (right around POTUS election time) in my "Just another bitter American clinging to guns and religion" t-shirt that also has a picture of an AR on it. :biggrin: Boy did that make my day!
(01-29-2011, 10:47 AM)desc10th87 Wrote: Reason # 457 on the list of "Why You Should Home School your kids."

I'm glad to see it's relatively high on the list.

I love all of the "acceptance" talk but that's only if you lead an "alternative" life style. If you don't, well then screw your belief system even when it's as innocuous as rosary beads.
- Tim
i honestly think home schooling your kids is a great idea to a point...i was home schooled till 4th grade but i still got the social interaction later in life...and look at me im almost normal
My brother has home schooled all of his kids. They all stay very involved in activities, sports, etc. that allow them to socialize with other kids. He also had an interesting point that I haven't heard before. If you're raising your child to be an adult, why would you depend on all of their socialization coming from teenagers, little kids, etc.?

I know it's important to allow kids to socialize and learn to feel a part of their own age group but thought his point was interesting.
- Tim
while i was home schooled i was involved with other kids being home schooled and swam on a team and used to do 5K and stuff like that every weekend over the summer, i knew a kid (i met in HS) that never really socialized with kids ever and when he would try to talk to you it was just awkward, he couldnt relate at all

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