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Moving to Colorado FINALLY!
(08-15-2013, 09:30 AM)Indiana Jones Wrote: You dont quite understand the east coast. .... I can keep going. Bottom line is you guys have it great, dont take it for granted. The east coast is rapidly sinking into the ocean of communism.

That's really sobering. I was born in Texas, and moved to CO in 1989. I've seen a lot of changes since then, mostly for the worse, but it sure puts things in perspective to read that.

Despite all the recent anti-gun noise and the general movement to the left, I still love living here. Barring a full Californication, our family isn't going anywhere.
(08-15-2013, 09:30 AM)Indiana Jones Wrote: You dont quite understand the east coast. A large portion of my family lives in CO. Your Boulder liberals are conservative compared to sheer amount of literal communists we have here. Come out for a visit, youll die to go back. Why do I want to move? Your traffic is laughable comparatively, the demographics, crime, better schools, and I also want to spend my life in/near the mountains. Beaches suck. WY is also a choice but no family nearby. Trust me, having spent lots of time in CO, and most of my life in MD, the decision os abundantly clear. Ive been living with MD induced BGOS. (Battered Gun Owner Syndrome). I drive out of my suburban neighborhood to the local main road and have to stop to let the methadone clinic people walk across and case houses for burglaries. I also routinely respond to calls for robberies and thefts only to find that theyve escaped on the "Light Rail". (A direct train from south of baltimore, through the city and up into the county and the nice areas). It is the #1 method of transportation for the shitheads. I cant relocate in MD because the entire state sucks. We have an outright 99% ban of ALL "assault weapons". Anything that looks scary is banned. No actual list of qualifying factors. No one can carry unless they have a "good and substantial" reason....which is never good enough. The 98 degree 90% humidity summers. I can keep going. Bottom line is you guys have it great, dont take it for granted. The east coast is rapidly sinking into the ocean of communism.

already been to the east coast. Have no desire to go back anywhere except maybe Florida. I spent about 9 months in Newport News, VA when I was in the Army in 2002 (Ft. Useless....errrr...Ft. Eustis, VA) and that was enough for me. The sense of entitlement those people have is unreal. They think they're the only ones in existence, they have this asinine sense of deserving everything before anyone else gets anything. My dad spent a few months doing insurance claims during a Hurricane in Baltimore a few years ago, and he said those people are just the biggest prick pieces of shit on the planet.

The crime rate is definitely lower here in Colorado. That's one of the things I enjoy the most. I won't shy away from the elephant in the room because due to the lack of high number of black/african americans, the crime rate is significantly lower here than other major metropolitan areas around the nation. Just a fact.

I spent 6 years in Murfreesboro, TN and in that time span, one of my roommate's pawned my stuff off to buy crack-cocaine with, I was followed after class and threatened by 4 black individuals trying to either rob or rape me (lord knows which), I had a man demand my car keys outside of my apt in July 2012 (to which I responded ok, reached in my purse and grabbed my handgun and asked if he still wanted those keys, and he politely declined and took off down the street LMAO ) and had some guy follow me, and beat on my window and try to get me out of the car all because his dumb girlfriend tried to come over in my lane that I was occupying, as if it was my fault the dumb broad couldn't use her mirrors and see there was a car there! Luckily i got 911 on the phone and they came out and arrested that clown for road rage and disorderly conduct. So I know what you mean! I couldn't get out of there fast enough and I'm here in Colorado to stay for good. Don't need to be anywhere else and have no desire to go anywhere else!

I do like Florida though, lot's to see and do and the people are pretty laid back for being on the East Coast. I love my time spent at Pensacola Beach and NAS Pensacola, and Panama City Beach. I partied it up when i was there Buddies
We don't have it as good as we used to. Anyone that is taking things for granted is either asleep or in a coma. I for one welcome with open arms anyone willing to move here, become a legal voter and help us fight the good fight.

One of the greatest fears politicians have is seeing an angry guy with lots of guns charging down the street, because they know he’s probably on his way to commit an act of voting.

You can count on me voting the way of reason. I stood in Annapolis and fought this ban every step of the way. Ill do the same in CO. I have just had enough of these entitlement mentality, system abusing asshats. It is absolutely out of control. If you badmouth king obama in ANY way you are chastised for it and labeled a racist. It is just that bad. Drugs and crime are rampant and far reaching. We have people from the city rent Uhauls and drive all the way up to the MD/PA line, back up to yards and just start loading stuff. Saying that crime and a higher percentage of blacks are related is absolutely not racist and it is entirely factual. Across this great nation all the numbers and statistics show it. We also have alot of suicide here. My local pistol range has had 2 in the last 3 years. People renting guns and shooting 49 downrange, saving #50 for themselves. The gun community here is also polarized like hell. The "fudds" dont fight the bans because they dont understand handguns and ARs. They just want their skeet and hunting guns. Its so bad that the gun community cant even relate to one another. This is a divided, very stressed out/in a hurry, and liberal state.

I want to be like Bob Lee Swagger in Shooter. Put me on a mountain with my dog and I'm happy as a pig in s$&t. But for my health, sanity, and finances I cannot live here anymore. The CO bug bit me on my first trip out there and its an itch i need to scratch. F MD, F the Ravens, and F crabs. Riddle me this: how good can a place be that is famous for eating dirty sea spiders? Crabs eat dead hookers out of one of the most polluted waterways in the country. Ew
(08-15-2013, 02:42 PM)Indiana Jones Wrote: I want to be like Bob Lee Swagger in Shooter. Put me on a mountain with my dog and I'm happy as a pig in s$&t. But for my health, sanity, and finances I cannot live here anymore.

I'm down for that! Put me on a mountain and leave me the hell alone.

Can't say I blame ya, if you're into guns and shooting, give me a holler when you get here. I love to hike, hunt, climb and shoot!

Indiana Jones Wrote:The CO bug bit me on my first trip out there and its an itch i need to scratch. F MD, F the Ravens, and F crabs. Riddle me this: how good can a place be that is famous for eating dirty sea spiders? Crabs eat dead hookers out of one of the most polluted waterways in the country. Ew

I was born here, parents moved back to Kansas City, MO when I was a year old, I raised in that shithole and I hated every minute. First time we went to Colorado for vacation I was 5 years old. I learned to tie my shoes on that drive, and interestingly enough, as we hit Bennett, CO, I got my shoes tied for the first time on my own and then my mom says "Look at the mountains", my eyes got wide as baseballs and I knew where I wanted to live for the rest of my life. I was definitely bit by the Colorado bug. This state is addicting and overwhelmingly GORGEOUS!

I begged my parents to find jobs here so we could move back but they didn't/couldn't/wouldn't. whatever.

I spent 26 miserable years in Kansas City, and in 2007 I jumped at the chance to get the hell out of there and moved to Nashville...wrong direction I know, but it got me out of Mediocreville, Missouri (errr....Misery) I ended up in college, got my debts paid off, graduated college and then made my way out here as soon as I saved the money! It took me 32 years but dammit I made it! Chest Better late than never!

So far, it's been about the best thing to ever happen to me and my well-being is much improved! I feel better, I sleep better, much more active and positive, and I love all there is to do and see here, you can't ever see it all, there's ALWAYS something new. With over 200,000 hiking trails statewide, yep I'll have enough to do the rest of my life.

and screw those stupid ass Baltimore Crows! I can't stand that team or their god awful fans or their piece of crap murdering former linebacker. xmad
BGOS! Love it. Ha!

A friend used to say, when people asked him how he was doing...

"Living at the end of a dirt road on top of a mountain, with my dogs, my guns, and talking on my ham radio. I'm in heaven."
Ya, moved to Grand Junction from Los Angeles about a month ago, and already feel better. And the libs here are a joke compared to the CA ones (though I was still yelling at my comp screen while watching the CO legislature pass inane gun laws back in March). At least here there is a fighting chance to turn it around, CA have to rely on things to make it to the Fed courts, which means years of putting up with BS. Figured if I wanted out, best chance was this year before I regrew obligations to stay (EAS'd in Feb).
For Indy in Marylandistan, one university is taking steps to protect students from gun violence this fall.

Quote:One Maryland University is taking unorthodox steps to protect students when they return to campus for classes this year.

The school has announced that they will purchase $60,000 worth of bullet proof white boards to be placed in classrooms.

Quote:According to CNN,
The University of Maryland-Eastern Shore announced that it is purchasing 200 of the whiteboards from Hardwire LLC, a company based in Pocomoke City, Maryland, citing the need for a heightened sense of security in the wake of deadly mass shootings in recent years…

Note that it says a “heightened sense of security”, not necessarily real security, just a feel good measure.

For Panda, you got out none too soon.

Quote:There are currently 11 anti-gun bills working their way through the California state legislature and if they all manage to pass California could literally turn into gun owners hell.

One of the greatest fears politicians have is seeing an angry guy with lots of guns charging down the street, because they know he’s probably on his way to commit an act of voting.

Also moving to CO from NJ(peyton area, rural but still close enough to CS for work).

NJ pretty much shits on every other state in general when it comes to anti-american values of freedom and liberty. Gun laws here are the 2nd/3rd strictest in the nation and trust me that's really bad. It's so bad, a BB gun and slingshot is classified as a firearm and must go through the BS NJ round about. In NJ we had FPID cards(firearm purchase ID) which take half a year to get. We have OGAM(one gun a month) permits which take 2-7 months to get. They are trying really hard to make buying ammo online illegal by making the FPID part of your DL through a barcode. Currently it's just too expensive to implement otherwise it would of passed.

We have the most retarded "assault weapons" ban where it literally just bans brand names/types. I can't have an AK47 but no problem with a siega so long as the receiver doesn't have AK47 stamped on it and no more then 1 "evil features" which is actually 0 since a pistol grip on a long gun counts as an evil feature. 15 round mag limit which YOUR OWN FELLOW GUN OWNERS WOULD RAT YOU OUT ON. Yes that's right- even the guy next to you at a range will at least call a range officer or police if he sees you have a pinned 30 round mag to 15. It's why everyone here doesn't want 30 round mags anymore. Oh yeah don't forget the legislation to limit mags to 5 rounds- can't be outdone by NY's 7.

It's illegal to carry a gun outside of a locked case unloaded. We have the ability to apply for open carry but require a reason which 100% of the time they will reject it with a double standard reasoning. One guy here got into serious trouble for simply holding his AR-15 for a photo infront of his house since it wasn't in a locked case when it left the front door thus was illegal open carry. Furthermore- when carrying a firearm the only place you can take it is the range or gun shop- ANY deviation from that route is illegal. That means no food stops, coffee, etc etc. We've had universal background checks for as long as I can remember. Even with a C&R license you must go to an FFL to legally own the gun.

Our own elected officials break their OWN RULES to get what they want. During a vote, one D voted no on a key anti-gun legislation and midvote they canceled the vote(which is illegal) to then move the vote to a budget committee vote where they had support for it to pass. They wanted to ban specifically barnette .50BMG rifles which only something like 12 people in the whole state have and was never ONCE used in a crime. Only reason that was removed cause of barnettes policy to not sell to any state governments that ban their rifles which was covered up by saying "you know we looked back and it appears this rifle was only used in competition" BS. Also there's new legislation to require hand gun registration from the same people caught on tape saying their endgame was confiscation of all guns.

Add that to the EXTREMELY high cost of living(prop tax alone on my $280k home is 7k a year, 5x you guys), everything you can imagine is banned, crime is really really bad here, the roads SUCK ASS by design to funnel more tax money to construction, MMJ is a joke here, penalty for MJ possession is archaic, car theft is insane and in general nothing to do and nothing special. I owned a gas station and we used to be open till 11pm, before I sold it was 9pm simply due to fear of being robbed. We have been broken into/robbed several times and it's not even in a bad area at all. Police here are nothing more then tax collectors/serf enforcement. They want nothing to do with real criminals and have no problem letting you know who's boss every time.

So yeah- CO is going in the wrong direction but at least you are not taking it standing. You guys are fighting for your rights and getting the assholes out of office for what they did. We can't even press criminal charges to our law makers breaking their own rules in vote manipulation. I'll take everything CO has to offer over the peoples republic of NJ. Can't wait to move as it's the only thing I think every single miserable day of my life here.
NJ truly is the armpit of America. So sorry some folks have to live there. Chicago gets 2nd place.
(08-14-2013, 09:22 PM)HannahBearCo Wrote: ...and you want to move to Colorado why? It's owned by Liberals (Senate and the House).

They only control the Senate by (1) seat. I think we can take that back on November 4th.

Colorado is a battleground state - there is still a chance to take things back. If you've spent any time in the worse states, you'd see that Colorado is quite "mild" comparatively speaking.
"A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government..." - Thomas Jefferson


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